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Leaving the home that built me.

You can still love a home very much, but decide that moving is a better option.

I was blown away by the positive response when we announced that we are building a new home. At the same time I wasn’t surprised by the “but you’ve done so much to that house, how can you leave?” questions as well. Trust me, leaving this home after everything we have done weighed heavily on our decision.

This is the home where Cribbs Style truly came to life. It had only been 7 month after leaving my job and starting Cribbs Style that we moved into this home. This home is where I found my confidence and wings to truly discover who I am and what I’m capable.

In true Marie Kondo style, I think it’s important to take a look back, thank it for all that it has done, and move to the next chapter.

Listing photo before

The entire exterior got a glow up through painting, updating the landscaping and changing the exterior lights.

We finally added a fence, expanded the patio, and added turf for the puppies.

Just in the past year we also changed out the HVAC and upgraded to a tankless water heater. With all that was going on, I never had a chance to mention anything about those changes. They have been amazing asset to lower our bills as well as always having hot water, which is so important with two teenage girls.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since we replaced our bedroom floor to the luxury vinyl plank flooring.

Master bedroom listing photo.

Which lead to us changing out the flooring in the rest of the house.

Floor before
Floors after

Probably one of the biggest changes and the biggest project we did involved updating our master bathroom. The master bathroom renovation was the first major renovation that Courtney and I did together as a part of the Jeffrey Court Challenge.

ORC, One room challenge, Jeffrey Court, Master Bathroom, Master Bathroom Refresh
Master bedroom before.
It’s done and I could not be happier with how it turned out!

BUT, this was our first major project and of course we had a lot to learn during the process. After a while, all I could see were our mistakes and I wasn’t thrilled with still having a huge bathtub. We made the decision to redo the bathroom, but have someone else take the helm. Another hard decision for someone who loves DIY. I quickly learned that not all projects I need to do.

I also learned that it’s so important to know your limits and it’s completely ok to ask for professional help.

Speaking of bathrooms, we also gave the girls bathroom an overhaul as well!

Girls bathroom before

Now their bathroom feels so much more open.

We tried our hand at shiplap and fell in love when we added it part way up the wall in the foyer.

I love how cozy our foyer looked this fall.

Since we loved the foyer shiplap, we decided to add shiplap to our next biggest project, transforming the office into the Cribbs Style headquarters. We built in cabinets, added desk space, and I stenciled the tired tile floors.

Office listing photo

I thought we were going to do an accent wall, but Courtney wanted to do the whole room.

I also insisted that we update our laundry room because OMGness it was U-G-L-Y when we moved in!

Before… so UGLY

We added a pallet wall, built a counter, and eventually I stenciled the floor to look like faux brick.

One of my most favorite updates was the kitchen because it was truly a labor of love. Updating the appliances, counter, cabinets, and of course the farmhouse sink and faucet.

Kitchen listing photo

This past summer was the summer of bedroom updates. Kelsey got her boho chic dream bedroom.

Kelsey Bedroom before

Kennedy patiently waited for her room to be complete and I love the vintage inspired decor that she chose. Who could forget Kennedy’s gorgeous wood trellis accent wall.

Last but certainly not least is our master bedroom oasis. After looking through all of these projects, it’s no wonder I am so thankful for this space.

Master bedroom listing photo.

I am still so obsessed with our Woodgrain accent wall too.

If you made it this far, you are AMAZING!! It’s clear that this home is truly filled with a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and so many fond memories. While we are still unsure of what we are going to do with this home, the next family will hopefully be able to feel the love within these walls. This home truly built me as a maker, blogger, and mom. Saying goodbye to this home will not be easy, but I’m excited for all the amazing things that await us in our next home too.


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