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Easy and useful DIY hidden charging sofa console table shelf

We love having our sectional sofa, but we needed a useful sofa table that didn’t take up much space and was hidden to the eye.

When I started thinking of the media room in our new house, I knew that I wanted our sectional sofa to act as just a big area where the whole family could stretch out their legs.

Unfortunately, that made any kind of end tables sort of tricky because of the shape of the sectional sofa.

Large gray sectional in the middle of a room. Three black and white stripped pillows are on the couch as well as a stuffed animal. A black and white Disney blanket is draped over the right side of the couch. A fuzzy chair can be partially seen at the bottom left of the photo. To the right of that chair is a black metal table that has folded blankets inside.
We love having this sectional, but it’s hard to find a sofa table that can meet our needs.

We wanted to add a snack bar area including a fridge, but we didn’t want the room to feel cluttered.

I also didn’t want the sofa table to become a focal point in the room, but I did want it to have function and include a charging port.

Knowing that as my list of criteria for this sofa table continued to grow, I would have a seeking unicorn situation and decided it was probably best that I just build.

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Building materials

(3) 1″ x 6″ x 8′ Pine boards (this part will depend on the length of the sofa)
(1) 1″ x3″ x8′ Pine board
(2) metal brackets
3/4″ Wood Screws

2″ Wood screws
Wood filler
Sand paper
Foam roller for cabinets and doors
BEHR Marquee Satin in SW Tricorn Black

** Paint tip: You can purchase your favorite paint and have it tinted in any competitors paint color.**

I measured the back of the couch, but because my couch is tapered, I needed to subtract 8 inches so the sofa table didn’t stick out beyond the couch. (If you do this you’ll want to adjust for the length of your own couch.)

Sliding miter saw on a stand with a piece of wood laying across to be cut and a measuring tape across the piece of wood.

Because of how long the piece needed to be, I cut two equal pieces of the 1″x6″ wood board with my sliding miter to ensure the middle was in the middle of the back of the couch. #becauseofOCD

With my drill, I joined the two pieces with two metal brackets and 3/4″ wood screws.

Two pieces of wood laying on a concrete floor with two metal brackets laying on top to conjoin them together. A drill is sitting next to the two boards.

Using the same 1″x6″ wood, I made the end pieces just high enough to allow the sofa table to sit just below the back of the couch.

The corner jig held the wood together in a 90 degree angle and I added wood glue and my favorite wood screws to fasten it all together.

Two pieces of wood connected together with a corner clamp laying on top of the concrete floor.

I love these screws because you don’t need to pre-drill and they don’t split the wood, plus the head of the screw countersinks and can easily be covered with wood filler.

To make sure I didn’t have any sag, I added some bracing to the middle of the table as well.

Hands holding a drill on top of a wood structure laying on a concrete floor.

Keeping everything solid, I used the 1″x3″ boards to provide bracing from the end of the sofa table and the middle.

Finishing touches

To really jazz it up, I found this drop in charging port on Amazon.

I measured just around the box and marked it out on the top of the hidden sofa table shelf.

Hand holding a drill screwing a hole into a piece of wood.

Using my drill I made holes big enough for my jigsaw to fit and cut the square so the charging port could drop in.

Hand holding a black drop in charing box over top of an open rectangle cut out of a piece of wood.

I gave everything a good sand with my orbital sander to knock off any rough edges.

Even though the hidden sofa table was, well hidden, I still painted the whole thing with BHER Marquee Satin in Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black.

I sanded with 220 grit in between coats of the paint.

I gave the whole piece a couple coats of polycrylic, again sanding between coats.

Easy and useful DIY hidden charging sofa console table shelf

Top view of the finished sofa table behind the gray sectional sofa.
The size of the sofa table hides perfectly behind the sectional sofa.

While this room is far from complete, this hidden charging sofa console table shelf is a huge improvement already.

Side view of the sofa table behind the gray sectional couch.
Side view of the sofa table, you can’t even see it unless you’re standing beside the sectional sofa.

Now everyone can enjoy watching a show without wondering where to put their drink or charge their phone.

Close up of the sofa table behind the gray sofa showing a remote, coasters, and charging port.
Plenty of room for drinks, the remote, and charging cords for your phone.

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