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Small Bathroom Storage- Toilet Command Center

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**I received product for the challenge, but this post is my own opinion.**

You know that you’ve seen products on infomercials and thought, “man why didn’t I think of that?” Out of the box ideas are often some of the most useful in my opinion.  I had an opportunity of my own here recently, to put my out of the box idea to the test.

Small bathroom storage, storage, bathroom
Step by step on how I took a box and thought outside of it.

Last month I was selected by the Rust-Oleum Creator’s Studio team to be a part of their “Mystery Box Challenge”. In the mail I received a package that contained a small planter box, a wire brush, a quart of Varathane Stain in Golden Oak, a quart of Varathane Wood Grain Enhancer in white, rags, and some decorative pieces. The only requirements were that we had to use the planter box and the enclosed stains. The rest was left up to us.

I think I walked around with the planter box for a couple days trying it out in different spaces and holding different things. Then a light bulb went off when I was in the small guest bathroom.  Excited I told my husband and he looked at me like I was crazy, something I’m use to, as I explained what I was going to do and shook his head no. Bummed, I kept thinking and all I knew was that I didn’t want to do a planter box, seemed too easy. Then I kept coming back to my original idea for our small guest bathroom and felt that it needed my idea. I stuck to my guns and I created the toilet side command center that wasn’t just going to hold toilet paper.

Oh don’t act like you don’t know where I’m going with this… Just hear me out.

Growing up we had a magazine holder in our bathroom and I knew that we weren’t the only family who had a library of reading essentials. These days it’s not that common to have magazines and let’s be honest, it’s because we carry our reading essentials with us all the time. You’re probably on one right now.  Well, often there’s not a safe place to put our little devices, until now.  And just like any infomercial…. But wait, there’s more!

For all my lady friends, it’s a great place to stash your feminine hygiene products. It can also hold a little room spray. Heck it can hold your lady products, your phone AND  your room spray.  No more having your phone slip out of your back pocket, no more holding your phone under your chin while you “get situated”.  Just simply put your electronic device in the holder. BOOM!

How did I “doo” this? (I couldn’t resist.)

For this project I used two different sized drill bits to create two keyholes on the back of the box that would allow me to use screws and wall anchors to secure this to the wall.

Small bathroom storage, bathroom, storage
Using two different sized drill bits, I created two key holes on the back of the box. This would allow me to use a screw and drywall anchor to secure the box to the wall.

I found a rustic toilet paper holder from Hobby Lobby and pre-drilled the holes to attach to the planter box.

Small bathroom storage, bathroom, storage
I found a simple rustic toilet paper holder from Hobby Lobby. I predrilled the holes prior to staining the planter box.

I took the enclosed wire brush going with the grain of the wood, brushed the box quite liberally. This helped to open up the wood grain to get it ready for the stain and then the woodgrain enhancer. The stain covered in one application and dried relatively quickly.

Only one coat of Rust-Oleum Verethane stain was needed.

After the box was dry, I applied the Varathane Wood Grain Enhancer. The key to the enhancer is that you have to shake the can quite well. I used a clean cloth to apply the enhancer and you could instantly see the white fill in the grain to give it quite the rustic look. Also enclosed in my kit was a stencil, so I decided to further add to the tongue and cheek humor with “No: 2” on the front. After everything dried, I attached the toilet paper holder and secured it to the wall.

Small bathroom storage, bathroom, storage
Close up of the wood grain enhancer and of course the stencil.

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After I submitted my idea I won’t lie, I was a tad bit hesitant that it wouldn’t be well received. Especially after I saw the other ideas people submitted. Needless to say, mine was quite unique and so far, the comments have been super cool to read! Especially when a friend of mine said he liked how I called it a “command center”. I mean why not? I could read, pay my bills, send emails, order food, text, control the temperature of my house…. you get the gist.

Small bathroom storage, bathroom, storage.
This toilet command center is big enough to hold all of your essentials without taking up too much space.

The point is this, it’s so much more fun to think outside of the box and do the unexpected. Sure you take a chance, sure you could fall on your face, but you know what you never know where it could land you. I’ve even had someone say they would buy the one I made, say what?!? I’m crossing my fingers I win the challenge, but if not, it was still fun.

Small bathroom storage, bathroom, storage
Finished product! Ready for whenever “dooty” calls.

So if you’ll excuse me, I have some , eh-hem, business to take care of. 🙂



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