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Easy DIY rustic farmhouse Dollar Store milk can makeover

I love finding a good bargain, but giving it a personal spin, now that’s the good stuff! 

So imagine my surprise when I was doing my periodic trip around the Dollar Tree and found this cute little milk can.

I found this cute milk can at the Dollar Tree for $5.

Even though the color didn’t go with my decor I knew that I could give it a little facelift and it would be absolutely perfect!

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What I used

The rustic farmhouse transformation

I needed to scuff up the surface of the milk can and take as much of the decorative decal off as possible, turns out it was one of those rub on kind, with the 120 grit sand paper.

Using 120 grit sandpaper to rough up the paint and get rid of the design.

To give the milk can a thick metal look, I used the Krylon Fusion Hammered Matte Cast Iron spray paint and gave it a good coat all around. 

The hammered cast iron spray paint gave the perfect texture.

Using one of the chip brushes, I dabbed a little of the paint to make it look like the metal was bubbling because of time and use. 

The chip brush helped me add some extra texture that would naturally happen over time.

Once the paint was good and dry, I went over it with the Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Black spray paint, but not a full coverage coat. 

Adding a thin layer of black.

With the 220 grit sand paper, I sanded using a swirling motion to pick up the hammered effect of the Krylon paint and wow did that texture really come through. 

With the texture from the hammered cast iron spray paint and the top coat of black spray paint, sanding really showed the true new texture.

I could have stopped there, but I wanted to take it one step further and this next step was probably my most favorite part. 

I mixed together a good amount of cinnamon and Decou-Page to give the appearance of faux rust. 

The cinnamon Decou-page mixture is the perfect final touch of faux rust.

With the other chip brush, I added the cinnamon mixture around the edges and any places where I felt that rust would naturally happen if the milk can were outside.

It might look a little milky, but this is where you have to trust the process and let it all dry.

The beautiful end result

This was such an easy DIY rustic farmhouse Dollar Store milk can makeover. 

I placed a jar of water inside the milk can so I could use it as a vase.

Not only does it fit in my decor perfectly, now it looks like it has a story to tell. 

I put a mason jar inside to make it a vase, but it could also be a cooking utensil holder, styled on a shelf, a planter, or even added to a collection of other milk cans… the possibilities are endless. 

With a little bit of imagination, paint can truly transform anything to your own personal style. 

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