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Giving new life to a thrifted rooster and adding a bit of luck to our home

When talking to a neighbor, I found out that having a rooster in your home is a symbol of good luck.

After a little bit of research, I discovered that not only is the rooster very symbolic in many cultures, but is believed to bring luck, prosperity, and to keep away negative energy.

And after the last couple of years I was bound and determined to find a rooster of my own.

I found this rooster at my local Goodwill and decided to give it a makeover.

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Of course I was not surprised when I found my very own rooster at the thrift store.

Luck, fate, whatever it is, I found the craziest looking rooster at Goodwill, and the price was really good as well considering what it cost originally.

The price was pretty good anyway…

Not going to lie, my jaw dropped a little when I spotted how much someone paid for it brand new.

But once I saw how much this rooster was originally, the price I paid was even better.

As luck would have it, I had the perfect spray paint already at home for my thrifted rooster.

Nothing a little spray paint can’t make better

A couple of hours and coats of paint later and I had the most perfect looking rooster for my kitchen.

I love how the light bounces off the details.

Originally I thought that maybe I would add some dry brushing to accentuate the features, but once the paint dried, I felt the light hit everything just right.

Hoping our new rooster decor brings us much luck and good fortune.

I love what was once a wild looking thrifted rooster into this adorable kitchen decor.

Only time will tell if this thrifted rooster will bring us luck, prosperity, and keep the negative vibes at bay.

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In case you want your own rooster for your kitchen, I found these cuties on Amazon.

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