Born and raised in Ohio, I grew up an only child which meant I had to be super creative with how I spent my time.  Most of my childhood, I was lucky enough to live next door to my grandparents, who exposed me to the world of crafting and woodworking. My parents took a lot of pride in making our house a home, which is where I learned my love of organizing and keeping things tidy.  I took the skills I learned to college, and took great pride in crafting and making my home away from home mine with simple projects.

It was in college that I met my now hubby who, thankfully, also shares my love of creating and doing projects. Even before we were married, we loved going through open houses, parade of homes, home shows, you name it looking at design and decor ideas.

From our very first home to the home we live in now, we have gained experience, and courage, with every home project we complete. I’m hoping that we can give our girls the same experiences I had, so they too will one day want to create. My goal has always been to help other people realize that anything is possible. That the world of organization and DIY doesn’t have to be intimidating and is completely doable. Hopefully you’ll enjoy our journey as we continue to navigate the world of DIY and all the ups and downs that come with it.


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