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Surebonder Hot Glue Gun with Hometalk

Having the right tools can make all the difference. Even down to your hot glue gun.

I’ve been doing crafts for some time now and honestly cannot even remember when I bought my first glue gun. It was small and did the job, but I could never trust that the glue would hold up over time. I was super excited to try it out with a project I created on Hometalk.

Hot glue gun
My old hot glue gun and my new Surebonder hot glue gun.

**Hometalk contacted me about trying out Surebonder’s industrial hot glue gun. While they gave me the product, my opinion is my own. This post may contain affiliate links, which cost you nothing extra, but help me bring you helpful information. **

Instantly I could see that the Surebonder hot glue gun was a more substantial glue gun compared to the one I’ve been using. The Surebonder glue gun was sturdy enough to stand on its own, which immediately I appreciated.

Only the very tip of the Surebonder glue gun was metal and I accidentally touched the plastic, but never burnt myself like I would on my smaller glue gun. While working with the Surebonder hot glue gun, the hot glue didn’t ooze and only came out once I pressed the trigger.

The glue sticks that Surebonder uses are longer than a standard glue stick which is great to keep the flow (no pun intended) of the project. During the project I completed for Hometalk, I only had to stop once to put in another glue stick.

Speaking of the glue sticks, they came in 1 minute and 3 minute working time. If you’ve ever had to reposition something during a project, having a longer working time is much appreciated. And they’re rated to be used in a variety of different projects, not just crafts. I put it to the test with a wood working project I completed.

Inspiration piece.

I found a piece of art from Kirklands I wanted to recreate with the help of the Surebonder hot glue gun. Check out my post on Hometalk to see how I created my own wood art.

DIY Wood art with Surebonder



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