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Setting Up Our Virtual Homeschool Space

My home office got a bit of a facelift getting ready for my new office mates!

I wasn’t quite ready when the plug got pulled at the end of the last school year. Initially we thought the girls would only be home for a couple weeks and before we knew it, it was a couple of months. We were in survival mode and to be honest, I thought they would go back to brick and mortar school the next school year. Since we made the decision to keep them home, the girls needed a better virtual homeschool space.

Adding the riser to the back of the desk helped to maximize the space on the desk.

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But we didn’t have another room to use as a virtual homeschool space…

Which means that my office needs to do double duty. By double duty, it meant that I needed to clear out my clutter so they had a place to put all their virtual homeschool books and supplies. Thankfully when I did my office makeover, I already had a very simple desk space that the girls could both work from.

A motivational sign, some lavender, and a place to store all of their stuff.

Even though I have amazing built in cabinets, I wanted something dedicated to just the girls and all their virtual homeschool supplies. After chatting with the girls, we thought it would be super cool to find lockers. We did a little search and found these super cute lockers from Hobby Lobby. I wanted to find some local and DIY, but being under a deadline, these are actually great. It was the only splurge I bought for the room.

Even if you don’t have an extra room or a dedicated home office already, don’t worry.

If there’s anything else that I learned from our eLearning from last year, kids will learn anywhere. And even thought we have this office space, I fully expect the girls to move about the house. To be honest, I hope they do. The important part is that they’re learning and that can happen, at the kitchen table, on the couch, in their bedrooms, outside, or even in our car.

I reorganized the art cart and added other school supplies. The clipboards are for their work.

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Tools for virtual homeschool

Planner: doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but a place where you can write out due dates and upcoming assignments. Yes a lot of the stuff is online, but having a quick look without needing to log in is great too.

Dry erase board: great for working out math problems, motivational quotes, or just doodling.

Hanging organizer: gets stuff up and off the desk, a place to keep folders and important papers.

Headphones or earbuds: will help them stay focused during online classes and keeps the home noises out of their classes. May need to get them with a built in microphone.

Clip boards: Perfect for writing or hanging up artwork that can be switched out.

Brain breaks: I grouped together some puzzles, adult coloring books, and other activity books to help destress and didn’t involve another screen.

Wireless mouse: If your kiddo is using a laptop, this will make life so much easier.

Plenty of storage for all of my stuff makes it possible to share this space with the girls.

Take a deep breath and try not to stress.

This year has been crazy enough and everyone is making adjustments in a world that seems to change every minute. When we decided to have kids, at no point would I ever imagine that we would make the transition from brick and mortar school to anything online, at least not this early in their education. One thing I have learned is that kids are pretty resilient. Every year they walk into a new classroom, meet a new teacher, and will have unfamiliar faces. This year their classroom is our home and while seeing their teachers and new classmates may look a little different, it can still be a great experience.

You got this.


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  1. Great job Brooke! We are schooling from home as well, and I’m grateful for that given all that’s happening. It’s so important to have a space designated to learning, helps them focus.

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