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Virtual Home School Door Hanging

Having both girls home this school year, means I needed a way to keep uninvited visitors away.

No one could have predicted how different school is for our family. When we decided to have the girls do virtual home school, we not only chose a great program, but we wanted to create the best home environment for them as well. This meant letting anyone who may come to our door know, they better have a really good reason to be at our home. 😉 It’s all in good fun, but I couldn’t resist.

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I saw this sign when I was doing my daily scroll on FB, but I wanted to create a sign that better reflected my current mood.

Source: Late Night Crafters

How I made the virtual home school sign.

It was time to break out my Cricut Maker and this virtual home school sign is just the project. I found a chalkboard sign and this super cute ribbon (this is similar to what I found) would add a final touch.

Vinyl, chalkboard, stain, ribbon
Here are the materials I’ll need for the virtual home school sign.

Using my favorite barn wood color stain, I put a coat on the raw wood. While that was drying I moved on to the words.

On Canva.com (there is a free and a member version) I created a saying and converted the dimensions to the measurements of the chalk board. Once I finished my design I downloaded it as a PNG. I went into Cricut maker and uploaded it as a simple design.

Canva, Sign wording
Creating the design in Canva was super easy.

I did have to get a longer mat since the design was more than 12 inches long.

I’m looking forward to creating more projects on my Cricut Maker.

After I cut the design I read that painters tape works just as good as transfer tape, and it’s a lot cheaper. (Plus I have a lot of it on hand.) I didn’t realize how much of a task weeding is. Geesh! I haven’t felt that much pressure since playing “Operation” as a kid.

vinyl weeding, painter's tape hack
Weeding the vinyl away from the design was challenging yet weirdly soothing.

With the ribbon I made a simple bow and tied it to the top string of the virtual home school sign.

I “seasoned” the chalk board by lightly rubbing chalk.

Chalkboard, seasoning chalkboard.
“Seasoning” the chalkboard by rubbing chalk to give it a more authentic look.

With the design on the painters tape I could easily see the design and lined everything up. I rubbed the vinyl and pulled the tape close to the board revealing the saying.

I love our new virtual home school sign.

chalkboard sign, farmhouse sign, virtual home school sign
Finished project! I think the message is clear.

This virtual home school sign is cute and gets the point across. My only hope is that there’s a personal chef who’s good at math bringing me a tasty adult beverage.

Front door sign, door sign, front porch decor
I love how this sign compliments our decor while sending a clear message.



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