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3 Easy ways to freshen up your master bedroom for Spring.

Happy official start to Spring, I cannot wait to share our master bedroom spring refresh!!

Dark green wall with woven wood accent and a rust colored wreathe hanging in the middle. I In front of wall is king sized bed with three large white pillows, patterned sheets, two white pillows and a gray comforter. Folded at the end of the bed is a rust covered blanket. On either side of the bed are white 3 drawer nightstands with a black lamp. Under the bed is a gray and white designed rug. At the end of the bed is a brown wood trunk. The wall next to the bed has windows and a plant placed in the middle.
Our fall and winter master bedroom

Don’t get me wrong, I am in love how we decorated our bedroom for the fall and winter, but it’s time to liven things up.

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**Mellanni Luxury Bedding gifted the bedding and sheets, but the opinion is of my own.**

I was inspired by my daughter Kelsey’s room and decided I wanted to try adding yellow in our master bedroom for the spring.

Teen bedroom with angled ceilings. The back wall has yellow patterned wall paper and two hanging plants flank either side of a window. On the right side of the room there is an egg shaped rattan chair in the corner, with a black dresser next to that. On the left side of the room is a rattan day bed. Under the bed is a diamond shaped rug.
Kelsey’s boho chic room

1. Throw pillows

Thankfully I found these adorable pillows, and flowers from Target. I love the pop of color. You don’t have to buy new pillows, instead you can buy pillow covers which are easier to store than actual pillows.

Green pattern accent wall behind the bed with a couple white pillows and in front is a yellow and white stripped square pillow and a yellow lumbar pillow with the words "Let's Stay Home" embroidered on the front. All on top of white bedding. Next to the bed you see a black lamp on a white side table. Next the the lamp is a white pitcher with pink dahlia flowers . Hanging up on the wall behind the lamp and flowers are two white picture frames.
Love how light and bright everything is,

2. Bedding

Mellani Luxury bedding gifted me this amazing coverlet and the most amazing sheets. Seriously, ask Courtney. The first night he slept in them he said it was the most glorious sheets he’s ever felt.

3. Faux florals

I love to keep a stash of seasonal faux florals I rotate with each season. I typically use the same vases and containers, but I’ll just swap out the flowers and instantly it looks so different.

Instantly our master bedroom felt lighter, and brighter.

Look 1

Green wall with woven wood accent behind a bed with all white bedding. A square yellow stripped pillow sits in front of many all white pillows and in front of that is a long yellow pillow with the words "Let's Stay Home" embroidered on the front. Next to the bed is a white three drawer dresser with a black lamp. Next to the lamp is a white candle in a brown basket. Next to the candle is a white pitcher with pink dahlia's. Hanging on the wall above the tale are to white picture frames with black sketches of flowers. At the end of the bed is a yellow blank and under the bed is a gray and white pattern rug.
I am in love with this all white look. but lets be realistic.

But let’s reel it back in because realistically having this all white set up would not last having three dogs. I actually had to close the door to keep them out just so I could get this shot.


No worries though because the versatility of the pieces gave me multiple looks.

Look 2

Same as the image above except at the end of the bed there is a folded gray comforter. At the end of the bed is a brown wooden trunk. To the left of the bed is a gray wood barn door.

I tried ONE more time, but even my girls knew that this set up wouldn’t last either. You know… #doglife

While the first picture felt more classic, the second picture leaning towards more practical, I landed on what was even more realistic yet still able to add some freshness to our master bedroom.

Look 3

Green woven accent wall behind bed with three large square white pillows, in front two long white pillow. In front of those are two square yellow and white stripped pillows and in front of that is a long yellow pillow with the words "Let's Stay Home" embroidered on the front. There is a gray bedspread and folded at the end of the bed is the white coverlet. To the left of the bed is a white three drawer nightstand that has a black lamp and white pitcher with pink dahlia's. Next to the table is a window with long curtains and next to the window you can see a gray barn door. At the food fo the bed you can partially see a brown wood trunk.

So there you have it, our master bedroom spring refresh! It is amazing how just adding a coverlet, a couple pillows, and some spring flowers can instantly change a space. I feel like our master bedroom is lighter, brighter, and totally ready for spring.

One last thing….

Can we talk for a moment about our Woodgrain accent wall?! I am gonna miss this wall big time. You better believe I’m already planning on doing something similar in our new home. (I know I’m going to get asked, the color is Riverway by Sherwin Williams and it’s AMAZING! It’s a color, but it’s definitely a neutral.)

You have to tell me which look you like the best, and if you have an all white bedroom, I’m going to live through you. 😉

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