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Thrift Store Card Table Refresh

Before you throw out that old card table, you may want to read about my refresh!

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A few years ago I was in a Goodwill and saw a card table that was calling my name. For some reason I turned my back on it and ever since that day, it’s been haunting me. Talk about perfect timing for the At Home DIY Thrift Store challenge and guess what I found? Another card table this time at Habitat Restore for only $5!!

Of course I found it when I was getting ready to paint all the kitchen doors. I put that poor sad table to work until I was ready to refresh it.

First things first, I took the top off. Which was SUPER easy because there are just a few screws that holds the top to the base.

I pulled off the nasty brown plastic that covered the top, but tried to save the foam so there would be a little bit of padding.

Now it’s time to have some fun!!!

Using sandpaper I gave the base a good rub down to take the sheen off and get it ready for paint. I had some really pretty Devine Color spray paint from a project I didn’t end up doing. Thank goodness for stashed supplies. After a few good swipes of the spray paint, I could tell even that was a huge improvement.

This super adorable flannel lined table cloth I found at Hobby Lobby was perfect to recover the top of the table. I pulled it secure, cut off the excess, and used the staple gun to tack it in place.

Believe it or not, that’s it. I reattached the top to the base and my $5.00 thrift store find looks like new! I love how easy it was to give it a little update and all in total cost me less than $10.

This thrift store find has new life!

This thrift store refresh is going to be the perfect addition to our outdoor entertaining.

Want more thrift store inspiration? You’re in luck because there’s more below!!

Happy Thrifting!!

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