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Vintage Floral Teen Bedroom Inspiration

What feels like overnight, my oldest became a teenager and wants her own room.

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The girls shared a room for the first couple of years since we moved into our home.

Last summer my oldest, Kennedy, expressed interest in having her own room. While it nearly broke my heart, because it meant that she was growing up, I completely understood.

I wasn’t the only one heartbroken, her sister Kelsey was sad too.

I ended up making over Kelsey’s room first because of order of other projects planned for the house. It also sort of softened the blow that Kennedy wanted to leave their shared space.

Boho Chic Teen Girl Bedroom Reveal

Kennedy’s room originally was the guest room/ play room.

Listing photo of Kennedy’s room when we purchased the house.

After my mom passed away, we decided we didn’t need to have a dedicated guest room space. If we do have guests, we’ll figure out sleeping arrangements then. Also, the girls no longer needed a space for toys since they were getting older and their interests were changing.

We used a pull out sofa for guests that easily transitioned back to a play room later.

Just like I did with Kelsey for her room, I asked Kennedy what she wanted in her new room. Kennedy said she wanted blue, didn’t matter what shade, and flowers. Other than that, she gave me full creative control.

The design plan…

I started at Target and found the perfect bedding which combined the two very things Kennedy said she wanted, blue and flowers.

I loved the softness of the fabric and print, which gives a very vintage floral feel. It was the perfect start to planning Kennedy’s room.

I pulled the deep blue from the flowers and matched it to Behr Marquee N480-6 NYPD.

Instead of painting the whole room this color, I decided use it for an accent wall behind her bed, with a wood accent feature. For the remaining three walls I chose Behr Whisper White in eggshell.

I did a wallpaper feature in Kelsey’s room, but wanted to do a different kind of feature wall in Kennedy’s room. I decided to take things up a notch with a wood feature wall to mimic trellis like you would find in a garden.

I had a couple other fun features for Kennedy’s room too, one to address her window seat, another to showcase her artwork, a space to study, new ceiling fan, an actual bed, window treatments, and a space where she could get ready in privacy. And it looks a little something like this…

I love how this vision is so much different from her sister Kelsey’s room. I also love that it’s different from how we decorate the rest of our home. What’s most important, is that it captures who Kennedy is as a person. Cannot wait to give Kennedy the room of her dreams.


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