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Boho Chic Teen Room Inspiration

I am ready to transform my daughter’s bedroom for this new season of the One Room Challenge.

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I am super excited to be a part of the One Room Challenge again this fall as a guest participant!!

I participated last year and completed my master closet. This year I’m taking on a different space.

Master Closet Makeover Reveal
I am in love with all of the colors and patterns.

For the past almost 5 years, our two girls have shared a bedroom. When we moved into our current home, they requested an under the sea theme and I delivered.

Clutter Free Kids rooms

I painted the entire room to look like they were laying on the bottom of the ocean.

Even added silhouettes of things that may be swimming above their beds. Realistic me also knew we are heading into the teen years and this room would be short lived.

Then it happened.

A couple of months ago, my oldest daughter, Kennedy, insisted that she wanted her own room. Something about middle school, and privacy… I couldn’t hear her over all MY eye rolling. 😉 Honestly, she was right, but my younger daughter, Kelsey, was NOT having it.

Kelsey proceeded to write me a dissertation about why splitting them up was a bad idea, how she didn’t want to change anything about the room, and how she was very sad Kennedy wanted out. I was waiting for Kelsey to pull out some Sheldon Cooper like roommate agreement (Big Bang Theory reference). In the end, we all knew it was time.

After months of talking and torturing Kelsey with Pinterest Inspiration….

She finally caved.

Here is a glimpse of the inspirational photo that grabbed Kelsey’s attention.

Source: Pinterest

Kelsey is obsessed with yellow and wanted a more boho chic vibe. To know me and my style preference, this is completely out of my comfort level. (I describe our style “Coastal Farmhouse”.) On the other hand, I had to be all in since she wasn’t all hip to the idea to begin with. Boho chic it is!

The first thing we found was the rattan bed at World Market. Well, actually Kelsey found it, almost like it was destined. This bed acted as our jumping off point for the room. We found the bedding at Target as well as the throw pillows, and blankets. The plan was coming together perfectly.

What was most important, Kelsey was in LOVE with what we found and so the fun begins! I’m hoping once she sees how amazing her room will be, she’ll be so happy she changed her mind.

Be sure to check out the other guest participants as well as the main One Room Challenge designers.


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