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How I easily repurposed wall art for Halloween

Instead of donating a wall sign I wasn’t using anymore, I decided to give it new life for Halloween.

Large wall art can be very expensive and for me it’s hard to justify for holiday decor.

I tried to sell a wall sign that I wasn’t interested in anymore, but no one wanted it either.

I had it in my donation pile when I decided that maybe I could repurpose it another way.

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The hunt for the perfect Halloween print

I envisioned something that was sort of a vintage inspired Halloween vibe and instantly fell in love with this print I found on ETSY from The Prints Bakery.

You have to check out this shop because they have TONS of amazing prints to choose from!

After I downloaded the print, I sent off the size I needed to Staples to be printed off in a matte paper.

Mounting the Halloween print

Before I did anything, I decided I wanted to make the actual frame of the sign darker and used this Varathane No Mess Wood Stain with the attached applicator.

Next I cut the print down to size and sprayed the inset of the sign with spray adhesive.

I had a mini heart attack when I realized that the sign itself wasn’t 100% square, but I was able to get the print into the frame.

Not pictured, actual mini heart attack.

To give a real vintage and old look, I used black Rub N Buff around the edges and to protect the sign I used matte Decou-page and coated the whole print.

Once the decou-page dried it sort of wrinkled the print a bit, but really it just added to the vintage look of the sign.

Reusing home decor in a new way is the a great way to refresh your space

No matter if it’s for the holidays or every day, reusing home decor instead of completely getting rid of it is a win in my book.

With a little bit of money and a little bit of work I was able to add something fun and unique for Halloween.

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