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From TV stand to bedside table, refinishing a long lost furniture piece.

Do you ever buy something as a project piece for “one day”, forget about it, and uncover it just at the right time?

Yep, that was me a couple weekends ago.

We were prepping for our neighborhood yard sale and out of the corner of my garage I found this TV stand my husband was not sure why I still had, but was determined to give it new life.

Old looking TV stand sitting on a blue tarp in the grass.

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From TV Stand to Bedside Table
Refinishing a Long Lost Furniture Piece

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There’s no denying this TV stand has seen better days.

This TV stand had definitely seen better days as it was covered in cobwebs and other unsightly things I’m going to chalk up to dirt.

If memory serves me, I bought it for $5 from the thrift store, but now… today is the day to give it new life.

I have turned into full on nesting mode for my upcoming surgery and I had a brilliant new purpose for this sad little TV stand.

Even though I have amazing nightstands, I know me and all the things I’m going to need to keep busy during recovering and I knew I would need extra space.

Of course I had to give it a whirl with my new favorite oven cleaner method of furniture stripping.

Using the wire brush to really work the oven cleaner into the wood.

Just like I expected, the oven cleaner really worked!

After a night of drying she was ready for a sand and poly.

I gave her a good sand down, a nice coat of BEHR polyurethane and she is as good as new!

Refreshed TV stand ready for duty!

Of course I had to try her out with some of the items I’ve collected to get me ready for recovery and I think she’ll do just fine!

When I’m done, I can fold up the TV stand and tuck her away until I need her again.

But first I have to break Leia’s heart that I’m not actually getting into bed, as tempting as it is, just yet.

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