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The most perfect puzzle coastal farmhouse thrifted table makeover

I found the most perfect thrifted table that doesn’t take up a lot of space and we can use to put together puzzles.

During quarantine our family decided to put together puzzles to pass the time together.

Even though we are well past shut down, puzzles have remained a favorite activity for our family.

Brown table open on cement ground next to brown grass.
The most perfect thrifted table for our landing area.

We have a little landing area upstairs in our new home which is the perfect spot for putting together puzzles.

However, the space is small and the table we had there took up way too much space.

Brown table with leaves down on cement ground next to brown grass
The drop leaves on this thrifted table sold me.

Then I spotted this cutie at my favorite thrift store and knew it was exactly what we needed.

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The color of the thrifted table was all wrong for the space, so it was time for a makeover.

I tried my new oven cleaner method on this thrifted table hoping it would work, especially with those spindle legs.

Sadly, the varnish that was on the thrifted table was giving me quite the fight, so I resorted to my tried and true method of furniture stripping, sanding.

Brown table with the right edge sanded down to raw wood.
The oven cleaner method to strip the varnish was not working as I had hoped.

Quickly I learned that the sanding method would prove quite challenging on the legs and I pivoted yet again.

Woman wearing protective mask sanding table legs on a table next to an unfinished table.
Whiled sanding the table body wasn’t too bad, sanding the legs was nearly impossible.

Even though the old table wasn’t write for the space, it was the inspiration for the new thrifted table.

My vision for the loft area had a coastal farmhouse flair.

While the rest of our home has transitioned away from coastal decor, I still had a few sentimental and favorite pieces that needed a home.

Painting the bottom part of the table white.

I loved the look of the old table with the white painted bottom and the stained top and that’s exactly what I chose to do with the new thrifted table too.

I had left over paint from my bedside table makeover, Picket Fence by Fusion Mineral Paint, and that’s what I painted the bottom part of the thrifted table.

Over the years I developed my favorite color stain combination of Weathered Gray and Special Walnut, which I felt would be perfect for the thrifted table.

First I applied a wood sealer that would help the unfinished wood accept the stain evenly.

Hand holding can of sanding sealer used to prep raw wood for stain.
After all the sanding I needed to seal the top so it would accept the stain evenly.

Next I applied the Weathered Gray and without waiting, applied the Special Walnut to give the piece a weathered wood look.

Gloved hand staining a piece of wood a gray color
First coat of stain is weathered gray
Without waiting for the gray to dry I added Special Walnut stain next.

After everything dried, I gave the whole thing a coat of BEHR polyurethane to seal the thrifted table and protect it from all the fun it was about to witness.

A side beside comparison of the raw wood and the stain combo.

The thrifted table is now the most perfect puzzle table for our family.

I was drawn to this table because of it’s drop leaves.

Folded wood table on the left side of the photo with two stripped cubes underneath. To the right on the wall is a collage of photos and a painting.
I love that the thrifted puzzle table can fold and be out of the way.

I love that when the girls are working on the puzzle it doesn’t take up much space and we can easily move the puzzle board out of the way.

Tabled pulled out to the middle of the room with the two square ottomans under. To the right is a chair, side table with baskets, and lamp.
Love that we have a dedicated space to put together puzzles that doesn’t take up a ton of space.

Target had the most adorable ottomans that matched the decor and fit perfectly under the table.

Even with the table folded, the puzzle board fits perfect.

Now the space is complete and our family has the most perfect puzzle coastal farmhouse table.

The loft feels complete.

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