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$100 Room Challenge- Hall Closet Makeover Reveal

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With less than $100 I was able to transform a frustrating hall closet, to a better functioning space for our family!

All along my DIY journey, projects have happened because of a need to improve our home not just aesthetically, but mostly out of a functional need. From our laundry, to our pantry, to our home office, and now the hall closet, all have increased our storage needs and helped our family with day to day tasks. I have said if you have a problem, there is always a DIY solution.

Let’s take you back to the very beginning.

Budget DIY, $100 Room Challenge
Here is a slightly cleaned up version of the hall closet before.

The hall closet is the space dedicated to our girls and was this way in our last house as well. I want it to be the space where their backpacks, coats, shoes, and socks live. It’s also where we keep the dog leashes and their cold weather items. However, this space just wasn’t cutting it for us because stuff would spill over onto a bench just outside this door.

Budget DIY, $100 Room Challenge
The door closest to you on the left is the hall closet and right across is the bench that was a dumpy ground.

Of course I don’t care if people know we actually live here, but when there can be a better solution to put things away, why not?! In my last post I explained that due to Hurricane Florence, I finished the project ahead of this week so I’ve been dying to show you the finished look. The good news about finishing the project early and having time to test it out, I can already tell you the hall closet makeover is a success. Naturally I’ve had to give a couple gentle reminders to put the book bags in the closet, but old habits can be hard to break.

In all her glory, the hall closet is done!

The last thing I added since I had blown through my $100, was a message board using chalkboard paint, chalk stencil, and chalk pens I already had on hand. It’s the perfect way to give the girls reminders of what their schedule is for the week, plus it added the final finished touch.

The final touch, the message board.

The best part, the girls have loved it!! And honestly, so have I!!

There’s plenty of space for their book bags, their coats, their shoes, and their socks. Not only is it more functional, it’s also more aesthetically appealing than the wire racks. PLUS, I have enough room that I can add another shelf up higher if I need more storage space. The biggest cost came with the wood, the baskets, the hooks, the rest I had on hand, and all of it cost $98.30. BUT… If you remember, I had generous friends gift me $100 for my birthday, so in all actuality, this makeover was completely free. Happy Birthday to me!! #thisis40

So there you have you it, a space I love that doesn’t make me want to pull my hair out, all for less than $100.



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  1. I love an organized functional space! YAY!!! And how nice that you have already been able to try it out and know that it’s working for you. I am thinking about doing something similar to our hallway closet. It’s actually a rather large, deep closet, and it is just begging for a makeover to make it more functional. Thanks for some inspiration! And thank you so much for joining in this round of the challenge!

    1. Thank you for organizing this Erin! It was a ton of fun and the kick in the pants I needed to finally tackle this space once and for all!!

  2. What a great idea to add hooks for their bookbags in the closet! I removed the wire shelving in our hall closet too and yes, it made it so much more functional for our family! Love your makeover! And I really love the wood trim on the top of the shiplap wall in your hallway – I’ve never seen that look and just love it! So glad you joined us in the challenge this time!

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