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Tween room makeover progress and another minor setback.

It wouldn’t be a DIY project unless there were small hiccups here and there.

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We’re another week into the One Room Challenge and another week closer to the finish line. So far my daughter loves all the changes we’re making to her room. If you remember, I started with her room because she wasn’t quite on board with her sister wanting her own room.

Last week I ran into my first snag when I didn’t buy enough of the peel and stick wallpaper. This week came with its own set of challenges, the paint color. First things first, I had to prime all the walls. My favorite primer is Zinsser and while everyone swears by oil based, I’m a latex girl.

First coat of primer up.

I knew that because of how dark the room was painted initially, the primer was going to be put to the test. Even with the first coat, the room brightened up so much. But OMGness there are so many angles!

For the ceiling I decided to go back to white and chose Whisper White by Behr in eggshell. With painting I do the top down approach always starting with the ceiling if it needs painted and in this case it did.

The room already looks so much better.

Normally I don’t use painters tape, but with all the angles I really wanted to makes sure the lines were crisp. Looking at the wallpaper, I picked out what I thought was at the perfect yellow, Little Sun Dress by Behr.

Little Sun Dress by Behr

When it first went on I was like holy cow that’s bright. I thought maybe it was just a drastic change from what was there before and to let it be until I put the peel and stick wallpaper up.

You can barely see the yellow in the corner, but it wasn’t working.

Nope. After I put the wallpaper up it was obvious that Little Sun Dress, was more like Little School Bus. It was clear that I needed a yellow that had a little more green undertones to coordinate with the wallpaper. My daughter felt bad and begged me not to repaint it, but I couldn’t just leave it.

Back to the drawing board

The great news about paint is that it is so easy and one of the most inexpensive updates. I know I say it a lot and those of you that have followed me for any time are probably sick of hearing it, but it’s so true. This time I enlisted the help of my hubby who picked out Dandelion Wish by Behr.

The new paint color was such a difference.

The new paint color, which a subtle difference, was just the difference we needed. I had to paint on the old color to prove that it was actually different. Boy am I glad that I went ahead and changed the color.

Sneak peak of the problem wall.

Everything definitely flows better with the color change. And look, I figured out how to incorporate the wallpaper into the decor. I’m just not 100% settled on this wall just yet, but if you follow me on Instagram, I asked a very important question this week.

In the words of Bob Ross, there are no mistakes just “happy little accidents”. I can’t wait to show you more about this space next week!


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