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Coastal farmhouse inspired home office.

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About a week ago we finally found the last piece to complete our coastal farmhouse inspired home office, our office rug. Our budget was tight for this rug, which is why it’s taken me so long to do the final reveal of this space. Before we head into how we made this room come to life, let’s first remember where this room started.

I didn’t “hate” the color of this room, but it didn’t go with what we were trying to achieve in this house. Our house is tucked away in a treed area and we don’t have much by the way of natural light. In an effort to brighten this space, the first thing we did was paint everything in my favorite white, White Dove by Benjamin Moore.

Instantly this space came to life, but painting it white was not the last stop for this space. We had plans to step up our DIY game:

This is truly the first space that we transformed from a dysfunctional space, to one that makes me feel like I can truly create in here. Every day I walk into this space I am in awe that I was able to take what was in my head and physically bring it to life. I needed more storage, ba-bam we have more functional storage.

I wanted a desk that when my girls came home from school, they didn’t take up my dining room table, ba-bam a desk fit for two. It’s also a space after the girls go to bed that my husband and I can work side by side.

I wanted to marry my coastal farmhouse feel and, you guessed it, ba-BAM it happened.

Was it easy… no because math is not my friend, but guess what, my husband is a mathematical genius. So many cuts, so many nails, so much paint, but I am in LOVE. Is it doable… ABSOLUTELY! There are so many tutorials out there to walk you through. My advice is if there is something that’s not working in your space, think about what it is that you want, research it, then make it happen.

Coastal Farmhouse, home office
This little teal table is a refinished piece of my grandmothers.



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  1. Oh, Brooke.
    This is so beautiful. You (and your whole family) are going to love working in here.
    It’s lovely and bright yet warm and welcoming. Functional, too!
    A real credit to you!

    1. Thank you so much Julie!!! It definitely makes working so much easier and I love at night when my husband is doing his hospital work we can work side by side.

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