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One Room Challenge- Master Bathroom {Laying Tile}

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We’re heading into the final week of the Jeffrey Court One Room Challenge! You’ve seen the plan, I showed you the challenges we faced with demo, the progress we made along with the additional roadblocks we faced, and now we’re finally starting to tile. I’m not going to lie, I thought this day would NEVER come. Like never ever, ever.

Master Bathroom Refresh
Finally we have tile!!!

 Seconds after I posted last week, the doorbell rang and our shower pan and waterproofing arrived on my doorstep. I may have done a happy dance since just few days before, the order had been lost by another company.  We chose the Schluter-Kerdi shower pan, drain, and waterproofing membrane because of all the amazing reviews. We watched the installation videos a million, maybe just a few, times to get the technique and the order down.

After reading tons of reviews, this is the waterproofing system we chose.

The instructions state that you have to use unmodified mortar to install this system,  as opposed to the pre-made mortar we bought to install the tile. Let me just say that getting the correct consistency is super important. You want it wet enough to give you time to work with the material, but firm enough to hold a trowel line. There were no pictures to demonstrate us doing this part because once we started installing, we were working against the clock and 9 ft shower ceilings. After you get the mortar on the wall, you lay the membrane on and smooth it out. Thankfully we pre-measured and pre-cut the membrane before this project started.

I’ll also say that they guy in the Schluter video is a magical unicorn because he definitely made it look super easy. Granted, I’m sure doing the video wasn’t the first time he had ever installed the system. It’s really a shame that we didn’t video my husband and I installing ours for just pure comedic relief.

I love the tile that we selected from Jeffrey Court.

Once we finished installing the membrane on the shower walls, we basically ran out of weekend. Which means that my husband has to go back to work and I have to do what I can while he’s away. Now that we were done with the heaving lifting, I could focus on installing the tile and I started with the bathtub surround. The tile that we had previously, only went up a few inches above the tub and we decided that we wanted the tile to go up to the window. I raised the sides up as well to keep the lines consistent.

We picked out this beautiful herringbone tile from Jeffrey Court called Linen Breeze, but instead of installing them the standard way, we decided to turn the herringbone and install on the 90 degree angle. To keep the project going I installed everything but the cut pieces. Honestly because of how I laid the tile, there are very few half pieces I’ll have to cut.

We opted for a different spin on the herringbone tile.

I also started tiling the bathroom floor with the beautiful Statuario Hex White Marble tile and wow did it go so much faster. I love the feel of this tile and cannot wait to get my little piggies on it!

There’s a third tile choice that goes on the floor of the shower, but you’ll have to wait to see that selection. I’m not trying to be a tease, we’re just not there yet so you’ll for really have to wait to see it.

Oh and I almost forgot to tell you that we also purchased the new vanities!! I did an Instagram poll and the overwhelming response was to get his and hers vanities as opposed to a long vanity like we had before. I think it’s definitely going to pull the vibe I’m shooting for as well as give us both our own designated storage spaces.

To maximize the storage without taking up the space, we decided on these his and hers vanities.


That’s where we are and time is of the essence. We will be tiling, sealing, grouting, cleaning, and decorating for the next few days. I can definitely feel the pressure, but I also feel so much love. My girls have been such troopers and have even had their chance to be a part of this challenge aside from just being on dog duty during the weekends. Friends and family have sent me messages cheering me on along the way and at just the right times I might add.

Coming off of our home office renovation, which I had to stop to get the One Room Challenge under way, I’m almost major renovation-ed out. Although I did equate major DIY projects to child birth. In the moment I’m screaming “I’m not doing this for a LONNNNNNGGG time”, but when it’s over I’ll be like “that wasn’t so bad”. *sigh*

These vanity lights were well worth the work to install them.

Next week is it! I have been honored to be a part of this competition and have loved hearing the judges commentary along the way. I’m not going to lie, when it’s over, I may sleep until June.



Coming into the final week of the competition!

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