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How To Bring A Piece Of Italy Into Your Home With Romabio Velatura Mineral Wash

The easiest way to add some dimension to your home is with paint and Romabio’s Velatura Mineral Wash is one to try.

Hands down one of my most favorite DIY projects will always be paint because it was the first skill I taught myself.

The look of Italian plaster is beautiful, but the actual application can be intimidating. Thankfully Romabio created Velatura Mineral Wash that is not only beautiful, but very DIY friendly.

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What is Romabio Velatura Mineral Wash?

Velatura Mineral Wash is a mineral based paint that has similar qualities of limewash, but is eco friendly and toxin free.

The Velatura Mineral Wash is applied in a two coat process using cross hatch or a cloth technique to give a cloud like appearance, requires no primer, comes in a variety of colors, and can be completed in one day.

As a DIYer who loves paint I was more than excited to use this product in our media room!

How to apply Velatura Mineral Wash

Because the paint is mineral based, it’s recommended that it’s mixed the paint a bit using a paint mixer head I attached to my RYOBI drill.

Using a Romabio small masonry brush, I made cross hatch strokes to apply the paint.

PRO TIP: You can purchase small pieces of drywall patch at your local hardware store to practice the cross hatch technique. Since it is raw drywall, you would need to prime the piece even though you wouldn’t need to prime a normal wall in your home since most likely it’s already been painted.

Romabio has a variety of colors to choose from with the Velatura Mineral Wash or you can go to your local Benjamin Moore Dealer and have them custom tint the Velatura Mineral Wash in the color of your choosing.

After deciding between a few amazing colors, I selected on Navy Steel.

The first coat of the Velatura Mineral Wash goes on the wall undiluted.

I worked my way across the wall not worrying about filling in every space.

After I finished on one end, I came back through to fill in as much of the white space and because the natural minerals and pigment had settled a bit, the mineral wash was slightly darker giving so much dimension and movement.

Close up of the finished first coat of the Velatura Mineral Wash

Even before I started the second step of the Velatura Mineral Wash I was in love with this wall.

Second step for the Velatura Mineral Wash

This is where things got really fun.

With the second coat you’re going to create even more movement by taking that same paint you used for the first coat and adding a bit of water to dilute the solution. The more water, the more movement.

But I wanted to even take things a step further and Romabio sent me the same Navy Steel in two shades lighter.

Measured out the paint and added about 25% water in a separate bucket and mixed it together.

For the application I used a combination of cross hatch and a cloth technique to roll and pull some of the color off creating a cloud effect.

Stepping back to see the progress I’m making on the accent wall

The look of Italian plaster without the commitment.

Once I finished the wall, what I loved most was how not only was it so easy to apply, the Velatura Mineral Wash truly gave the look of Italian plaster with out the commitment.

Using real plaster would require a lot of sanding to get the texture to go away.

I am in love with this Velatura Mineral Wash accent wall in Navy Steel.

Vealtura Mineral Wash final thoughts

Even as an experienced DIYer, the Velatura Mineral Wash was incredibly simple to apply and I loved the creative freedom I had to create the look I desired.

I could have very easily stuck with the same color that I used for the first base coat for the second diluted coat, but I decided to have a little fun and mix things up.

The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to trust the process because it’s a little different than traditional paint on a wall.

Like I stated earlier, if you’re not 100% confident, get a piece of drywall and practice the strokes, but honestly it will be hard to mess up.

And while I’m not quite ready to show you the finished product of the media room, I am going to give you a sneak peek of the finished Velatura Mineral Wash accent wall.

Velatura Mineral Wash is the perfect accent wall for the TV wall in the media room.

I cannot wait to share with you the rest of this space and the other Romabio paint I used in this space, they’re absolutely amazing.

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