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My love for BEHR Paint led me to the perfect paint choice for my home office.

My most favorite way to DIY a space will forever be paint.

Over the years I have tried several brands, but my love for BEHR Paint keeps me coming back.

I was gifted the paint from Behr, however the opinions are my own.

I highly recommend keeping a color deck at home when you’re trying to figure out paint colors for your projects.

Can of paint with paint color fan deck in front.
I love having color choices at my fingertips.

It not only saves you several trips to the store to pick up those little squares, but it’s better for the environment too because you’ll always have swatches at your fingertips.

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Using inspiration to find my BEHR paint selection.

I brought back a few sentimental pieces from my childhood home and used those as the inspiration for my new home office.

Teal framed wooden barn quilt with varying shades of teal diamond shapes.
I loved this barn quilt that my mom displayed in her home.

Not only did I want the office space to hold nostalgia, but I wanted to create a space that felt like an old library.

Painting with a brown frame of a little girl sitting in a field of flowers.
Growing up I use to pretend that the little girl in the field was me.

I wanted deep, rich colors that would make the space feel cozy.

Flipping through the BEHR Paint color deck and landed on the most beautiful color, Brooklyn.

I mean never-mind the fact that we share the same name, but Brooklyn was just the color I had in mind.

Partially painted walls with ladder next it and painting supplies on the floor.
I absolutely loved seeing the color dance on the wall.

If you’re still struggling to find a color, the BEHR Paint website is full of helpful information to sort out the color that you’re aiming for.

BEHR Paint also provides tips and resources to help you with your painting project.

And if you’re not able to get to a store to purchase your paint, you can order your paint online, and BEHR Paint can ship it straight to your door.

You can upload pictures of your spaces and visualize the color in the comfort of your home.

Picking the sheen of paint

In this particular room there is a small access door to the attic that I wanted to incorporate into a board and batten design.

Walls painted BEHR Brooklynn with a board and batten type rectangle pattern on the walls. Carpet is neutral tan color and ceiling is white.
I love how the BEHR color Brooklyn looks on the wall and with the board and batten desing.

My plan was to also paint the baseboards and since most baseboards are in a satin sheen, I felt the BEHR® MARQUEE Interior Paint would be the best choice for this room to give a cohesive look.

One door is still white while the other closet door and the walls are painted BEHR Brooklyn
I decided last minute to paint the closet doors and I am so glad that I did.

Overall feelings about the color Brooklyn and BEHR Paint

I am absolutely in love with this paint selection and the quality of the paint.

BEHR Paint has a one coat coverage guarantee on their Marquee paint and even with as dark as this BEHR Paint color actually was, the paint lived up to that promise.

BEHR by Brooklyn painted on the walls behind two cognac colored brown chairs. Under the chairs is a rug with oranges, teal, browns, and white.
Sneak peek of the finished space.

I also decided late into the project to actually paint the back of the door to the room and the closet doors and I am so glad that I did.

I would highly recommend checking out BEHR Paint for your next painting project.


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