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My vision to create a vintage inspired cozy home office

For my new home office, I decided I wanted something that had a cozy vintage feel.

I loved the modern farmhouse home office we created in the last house, but I wanted to go a completely different direction in our new home.

Last year we took a trip to the Biltmore and I was enthralled by the library and the dark rich colors.

This past summer I created this mood board and have kept it in my files for a few months now.

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I wanted a way to also incorporate some older pieces of art that I brought back from my mom’s and some of Courtney’s favorites.

How the vintage inspired home office design shifted

Originally I thought I wanted to make built in cabinets like I did in my last home office.

Built in cabinets

If you follow along, I am a huge fan of Facebook Marketplace and thrifting furniture, so when this came up and the price was amazing, I quickly changed my plans.

I snagged this piece for $500 and when you see what it would be brand new, $500 is a steal.

Especially when I saw the price if I were to try to buy something similar brand new.

I DID NOT pay this much.

The Facebook Marketplace fairies smiled again with these chairs from brand new recliners from Wayfair that the person didn’t want to return.

Choosing the paint color for the vintage inspired home office.

You can see in my mood board I found the color Brooklyn from Behr and I just felt like it would work well with the artwork I already had.

I love that the color is rich and actually is something that can compliment any color really.

Adding a rug and curtains to the space.

Even though we have carpet in the home office, I really wanted something to tie the pieces together and I found the rug standing at the customer service desk at Target.

This rug from Target is perfect for my home office.

Then of course I found these coordinating curtains and I think I’m going to wait to get anymore pieces until I get the space put together.

The plan to get this vintage inspired home office started.

I cannot wait to get to painting, but I also have plans on doing wood accents around the room.

Since I found the amazing desk, I won’t have to worry about making built ins which means that hopefully I can get this project finished a lot faster.

Of course I’ll keep you updated, but check out my Instagram for daily updates.

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