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I am in LOVE with the color I picked for our shiplap kitchen island

I finished our shiplap kitchen island and after much debate, I won the color choice!

Just as I put the roller down after the last swipe of paint on our shiplap kitchen island, my youngest said she couldn’t believe how my style transformed from pastel coastal, to black.

Black shiplap island to the left with gray counter height barstools White cabinets across from the island with stainless steel fridge.
I love the contrast of the color of the shiplap kitchen island from the rest of the kitchen.

That’s right, the great paint debate was settled and between Iron Ore which I just used in our laundry room, I decided to go with Tricorn Black.

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Why Tricorn Black instead of Iron Ore for the shiplap kitchen island?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the color Iron Ore, but felt that the Tricorn Black was a much better choice to tie in the pendant lights over the kitchen island, the black kitchen cabinet pulls, and other black accents that we had in the space.

The side of the island that faces the kitchen is the same white cabinets as the rest of the kitchen.  Black and white "hot cocoa" mat in front of the sink.
I’m living the side black shiplap accents next to the white kitchen cabinets.

Both colors are from Sherwin Williams, but I had the Tricorn Black mixed in my favorite Behr Marquee in the satin finish.

The original kitchen island paint was a flat sheen and the oils from the dog rubbing her face on the edges and the kids feet on the walls of the bar area about drove me insane.

The black pendent lights help to pull together and anchor the black shiplap island.

The satin sheen and the Behr Marquee are going to be a huge game changer in the durability of the surface.

Since I went with such a dark color, I also decided to switch out the outlets and the covers so they blended in more with the shiplap kitchen island.

Changing out the outlet and cover to match the black shiplap was a must.

(Which if you’ve never done or don’t feel comfortable doing, always get into contact with a licensed electrician.)

White is the typical go to when you think of shiplap, but I wanted to make a statement and really anchor the kitchen island.

What I love the most about our shiplap kitchen island

I feel like the kitchen island is more substantial now.

The kitchen island doesn’t feel so builder grade by adding the shiplap accents on the end and painting such a bold color.

If I ever get sick of the shiplap, I can easily remove it and do something else, which is another reason I just did an accent as opposed to adding shiplap to the whole island.

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