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Finding inspiration to update our builder grade kitchen island

The time has come to take our builder grade kitchen island to the next level.

We’ve been in our new home for almost 5 months now and we are finally at a place to start making the home look like our style.

white kitchen island with three gray bar stools. there are three black pendant lights hanging above. a stainless steel fridge sits in front of on the left side of photo next to white cabinets. the floor is a sandy oak color.
Looking into the kitchen next to the coffee nook.

Even though we got to pick out our finishes during the build, we were very VERY limited on what we could actually do; this isn’t a custom home.

One of the best views in the house. Makes doing dishes more enjoyable.

I love the idea of a kitchen island standing out from the rest of the kitchen.

The island has been a great gathering spot for the family

Guess what, you get to meet some of my friends as they transform their own islands. Think of it as an “island hop”.

Check out Libbie from A Life Unfolding, and Leen from Sand Dollar Lane

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let”s get on to the plan on our kitchen island!

Kitchen Island Color

This is one thing I told Courtney I wanted to do, paint the majority of the island.

Currently we are having a debate on what we should do, but I’ve been team black whereas Court has been team dark gray.

I think black would compliment our pendant lights really well and anchor that area together.

I think Courtney is afraid the black may be too dark, but our house pulls so much light, plus i’m not planning on painting to cabinets on the kitchen side.

Kitchen Island Design

Aside from changing the color, I want to add some interest to the sides of the kitchen island.

I feel like right now they are just a little too plain for my liking.

I may keep it simple by adding just a few design elements, nothing too busy.


We have FOUR dogs, one of which likes to rub her face on the corners of the kitchen island.

The builder grade paint they used is no match to dirty doggo face, but the dog is too cute so the kitchen island has to change. 😉

I also noticed little foot prints on the bar side of the kitchen island.

Scuffs and dirt are taking over the builder grade paint.

The kiddos sit here the most, but they’re also running around outside (see four dogs above) so I need something I can scrub.

While a darker color will hide some of those things, I plan to pick both a design and paint color that can hold up to all the wear and tear.

Aside from just the island design upgrade, I’m hoping to also upgrade the sink and faucet soon too.

I need your help!

Make sure you’re following along on Instagram if you can because I may need some help making some decisions. (Plus that’s where are the behind the scenes are too.)

Also don’t forget to check out my other friends and their journey on their kitchen islands.

No matter what happens, I am so very excited to FINALLY get my hands on our kitchen island.

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  1. Love where you are headed here. I am team black all the way! Your kitchen is beautiful!

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