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Upgrading our builder laundry room: One Room Challenge Fall 2021 Week 1

Let the DIY fun begin in the new house by upgrading our builder grade laundry room!

I find I do better when I have accountability, so what better time than now to join the Fall 2021 One Room Challenge?!

The One Room Challenge is hosted twice a year with a collection of amazing featured designers and hundreds of guest designers like me.

For the next 8 weeks you can follow along and watch as we each transform a space in our homes. It’s like HGTV, but on steroids. 😉

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Introducing, our laundry room

When we decided to build our home, I did decide to upgrade the tile floor in the laundry room.

White door on the right with black door knob, opens to pretty empty laundry room. White washer and dryer to the left. The floor is gray and white floral design. On the window sill to the right of the dryer is a gray box, glass jar, plant, and three light blue glass jars.

One of the things I forgot to do, was tell the builder not to do was install the wire rack above the washer and dryer. That was one of the first things I did when we first moved in; rip the wire rack out.

This laundry room is the second biggest we’ve ever had, but it’s way better than the last three places we’ve lived.

To be honest, I don’t have many requirements of our laundry room, functionality being the most important.

Problem to address

The box that contains the water lines for the washer and the outlet for the washer were installed at a level above where I want to put a counter.

White washer in dryer with a gray and white floor. Up against a light gray wall with washer hook up and electrical outlet.

For the sake of aesthetics, I need a way to hide these eyesores, but at the same time keeping them accessible.


Being as I am, eh hem, “vertically challenged” I’ve never been a fan of hanging cabinets above my washer and dryer.

What I did find would not only help me address hiding the water and electrical on the wall, but also provide some storage as well.

Design plan

I don’t typically keep a lot of things in our laundry room, but I still need a place to keep some laundry essentials

I loved having a counter top in my last laundry room, so a counter top is an absolute must in this laundry room as well.

I’m using this chevron butcher block counter top from Hardwood Reflections found at the Home Depot.

I found the most perfect laundry cart on Wayfair and we’ve been using it since we moved in.

Not only does it make it easier for everyone in the family to sort their own dirty laundry, it makes the perfect load size to keep laundry more manageable.

And the fact that it has wheels makes it easy to move around.

I am all about decor, but I’m even more excited about decor that serves a dual purpose.

Whether is a glass jar holding extra dryer balls or a cute basket with my sewing kit, I love adding functional beauty to spaces.

One of those things that I’m also using is one of my mom’s Longaberger baskets.

My mom collected Longaberger baskets when I was growing up, it’s really big in Ohio, but they were just to look at not to use.

After my mom passed away, I kept quite a few of her baskets, one of them being a laundry basket, except I actually use it. I’m sure she’ll have a few words when we meet again, but truly it’s another way for me to remember her.

Close up of white washer and dryer on the left. On the floor in front is a brown laundry basket with a cream knitted blanket inside. On top of a gray and white pattern floor. To the right of the basket is an industrial looking laundry hamper that's in cream with gray trim.

The vibe

I’m having the hardest time coming up with a way to define the style that I’m going for in the laundry room.

It’s definitely a nod to vintage inspired decor with a touch of industrial. To me decor is more of a feeling since I love to take pieces and parts from all sorts of decor inspiration.

Flat black vintage inspired cabinet latch.

Amazon Schoolhouse Modern Farmhouse Light

Cannot wait to update the lighting to this gem.

Of course there will be some kind of wood accent wall(s) because I am dying to add some interest to these blank slate walls.

That’s all I’m giving away right now. I know, I know I’m holding

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