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Scary and easy DIY trash bag Halloween bat decor

I’m finally caving into my teen girls and giving them scary Halloween.

I normally just decorate for generic fall to carry me through until Christmas.

Think pumpkins and leaves, fall colors, that’s it.

This year I’m taking things up a notch, so to speak.

Taking ordinary black plastic hangers to a new level

But instead of buying all new decor, I’m looking for easy and inexpensive ways to DIY my way through Halloween.

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Material List

How’d she do it?

I made a template out of paper, to get the basic bat shape and traced it onto the trash bag with the top par of the wings touching the fold.

You could just freely trace as long as you end up with two sides per bat so they sandwich the black plastic hanger.

I found that this chalk marker I had worked really well and it wipes off the plastic super easy.

Once I cut out the bat shape, I placed the black plastic hanger in between the two sides of the bat and pushed it all the way down stapling at the neck area of the bat.

I pushed the black plastic hanger up and stapled under to secure the black plastic hanger inside.

At the top I stapled around the hook part of the black plastic hanger around what looks like the bat’s feet, then stapled around the bat to keep the hanger inside.

Using dental floss in varying lengths, I tied a knot at the hook part of the black plastic hanger and used hot glue to secure the knot and keep it on the hook just in case it gets to windy outside.

That’s it, you made a scary and easy DIY trash bag Halloween bat!

Simple, cheap, and scary DIY trash bag Halloween bat

Where to put the Scary and easy DIY trash bag Halloween bat?

I thought it would be cute to hang them on our front porch right in front of the doors.

I used 3M hooks and placed them on the ceiling of the porch and spread them out so it looked like we had a lot of bats just hanging out.

Truly you could hang them anywhere, like in a window or even in a hallway in your house.

Or you could even hang them in the trees in your yard since everything should be water proof.

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