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Easy vintage dresser makeover turned modern farmhouse bathroom vanity

It has been my dream to turn an old dresser into a vanity and my dreams definitely came true!

When we moved into our new home, I knew I wanted to do a little something special with our powder room.

Of course when I found this vintage dresser, my first thought was that it needed to be our new modern farmhouse bathroom vanity.

The final look after I refinished the vintage dresser

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The sink kit from Sinkology and Pfister

I was so thankful that Sinkology gifted me this Copernicus copper sink , which came with this Pfister Ashfield Faucet

The second I took the Sinkology Copernicus sink and the Pfister Ashfield faucet out of the box I was in love.

Included in the kit along with the sink and the faucet was the drain, copper cleaning kit and information about using the BILT app for installation.

BILT app Installation

Sinkology and Pfister has teamed up with the BILT app to provide very thorough and easy to understand installation instructions.

The scariest part was drilling into the vintage dresser because I literally only had one shot.

No pressure drilling into the vintage dresser.

All in total I believe that the installation took no more than an hour and I was so freaking proud of myself!

Granted you have to wait 24 hours before turning everything on, but truly this was the easiest installation I’ve had in a long time.

In order to make the vintage dresser an appropriate height since the vessel sink sits on top of the vintage dresser, I needed to cut about 1 1/2 inches off the legs.

After everything was installed and properly working, using wood screws I anchored the modern farmhouse bathroom vanity into the wall.

Access to the plumbing and storage

Even though the vintage dresser coordinates beautifully with the Copernicus sink and the Ashfield faucet, I still wanted to have functionality of the dresser when it became the modern farmhouse bathroom vanity.

Function and fashion in one photo.

Adding magnets to two of the faux drawer fronts gives the appearance of drawers, but still allows the function I needed.

Still a lot of storage

Even though this is a powder room, storage is still very important and now we have plenty, as well as access to the plumbing.

Dreams do come true

I never know when I start DIY projects if I’ll be able to find exactly what I want when it comes to the overall design concept.

For this projec,t things definitely fell into place and exactly how I envisioned it and for that I could not be any more happier!

The finished project and the apple of my design eye!

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