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How I created a vintage inspired modern farmhouse powder room

When we moved into our new home, our powder room was one of the most boring rooms in the house.

During the design process, I asked that none of the bathroom mirrors be installed in any of the bathrooms.

If I could have, I would have asked that they skip adding the pedestal sink too because it was barely big enough to hold a bottle of hand soap.

Powder room before

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I wanted to create a vintage inspired modern farmhouse powder room that wasn’t only functional, but had a lot of personality.

Never say never, wallpaper edition.

I swore I would never do wallpaper again, but then this happened.

When I made over the laundry room, I thought I was going to use this adorable peel and stick wallpaper, only to completely pivot a different direction.

I decided not to ship it back, but instead use it somewhere else and the first place that popped into mind was the powder room.

Since I didn’t have a lot of the wallpaper, my original thought was to do a beadboard panel wall feature 3/4 of the way up the wall and use the wallpaper on the remaining 1/4.

I quickly discovered that even with that plan, I only had enough for a couple walls and to order more meant that the dye lot wouldn’t be the same and it would be a WHOLE lot more money I wasn’t willing to spend.

So I did what I always do best and I pivoted yet again, this time deciding to put the wallpaper on the ceiling and painting the walls the BEHR color of the year Breezway MQ3-21.

Immediately I knew that this change was by far the best decision.

Beadboard Wall Feature

I bought beadboard panels and ripped them down to the height that I needed and secured it to the walls with brad nails.

During installation I found that the baseboards aren’t exactly 100% level that the beadboard was resting on and added a little bit of trim to fit under the 1″ x 4″ top piece from Woodgrain.

If I’ve learned anything over the years of doing DIY, nothing is square/ level, therefore trim pieces and caulk will be your friend.

Setting everything up to get a feel for the design.

After everything was wood filled and caulked, I painted the beadboard the same trim paint that we used in the rest of the house.

Adding the vanity and mirror

Once I was finished with all the painting, I finished installing the vintage inspired modern farmhouse vanity , it was time to address the mirror.

I found the mirror on FB marketplace and while it was silver, it was only $50 and I knew I could make it over.

Such a good FB marketplace find

Nothing some spray paint and rub and buff couldn’t do to make this mirror look vintage and fit in with the powder room.

Adding decor and finishing touches

A lot of the decor items I already had on hand, but I needed something cute for the side wall above the toilet.

I found this adorable sign on ETSY.

Everything came together right before our 18th wedding anniversary, so I thought it would be cute to have this sign made on ETSY to pull in the theme and where we started.

Ready for guests

This project took a lot longer than I anticipated because there ended up being a lot more unexpected twists and turns.

I love the added touch of the wallpaper on the ceiling.

Keeping with the unexpected, I know my family thought I was crazy for using the wallpaper on the ceiling, but I’m so happy I took this chance.

This powder room has a lot more personality than it did when we first moved in, but now it’s a way more functional space.

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