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Sinkology Fireclay Drop In Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Review

It’s been one year since I installed my Sinkology Josephine drop in fireclay farmhouse sink!!!

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When we moved into our current home, our kitchen sink and faucet left a lot to be desired. The enamel was chipped off the sink, it had a double bowl, which I hated, and the faucet made me gag every time I used it.

Kitchen sink before

We were not in a position to replace our countertops at the time and I REALLY wanted a farmhouse kitchen sink. Most farmhouse kitchen sinks on the market were under mount. Meaning they are mounted from underneath and the counters set on top of the sink, which wouldn’t work for us. These other brands of farmhouse kitchen sinks are also very heavy and require some additional supports. We thought we would just have to wait until we were able to replace our counters. (Big frown face.)

Sinkology saves the day!

When I attended Haven Conference I met with representatives from Sinkology and was intrigued by a product coming very soon. So I waited, and low and behold, Sinkology introduced the Josephine fireclay DROP IN farmhouse kitchen sink!! No new counters needed… for now.


Well, I know I did because what that meant, we could remove our old nasty sink and the Sinkology Josephine fireclay farmhouse kitchen sink could just drop into place. Better yet, the Josephine didn’t require extra support and the installation was an absolute breeze thanks to the BILT app. You can read all about how it was love at first site here.

Me scraping off all the grossness left by our old sink.

The only “tricky” part was changing out some of the plumbing to go from two sink drain holes to one, which really wasn’t that big of deal. Even detaching and reattaching the garbage disposal wasn’t that difficult either.

Oh and to make things even better, the Sinkology Josephine drop in fireclay farmhouse sink kit came with a Pfister faucet, mine is the Ashfield.

Happy Anniversary Josephine!!!

We have had our Sinkology Josephine drop in fireclay farmhouse kitchen sink for a year, and I can honestly say, I’m still very much smitten. How do I love thee, let me count the ways:

  1. The single large bowl has been a dream come true. It can handle even the biggest of my cookie sheets.
  2. The fireclay technology makes this sink extremely durable and y’all, we are not gentle at times.
  3. We have had no issues with leaking and the counters are supporting the sink just fine.
  4. She’s just as pretty as the day she was installed and still very much in style.

While we did have to remove the doors that were under the Josephine fireclay drop in farmhouse sink to allow for the apron front, I am loving changing out the sink curtains for the season. Eventually I may build smaller doors, but for now I’m enjoying all of the wardrobe changes. 😉

Wearing her fall plaid

Jolly for Christmas

Of course she’s most comfortable in her every day wear

Overall we are extremely happy with our Sinkology Josephine drop in fireclay farmhouse sink. She’s stylish, functional, and fits right in to our home. Hands down one of the best farmhouse sinks out there.


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Close up of the finished product.

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