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Easy DIY Coastal Wall Art

An easy way to add a coastal art, without breaking the bank, by adding some personal flair to your decor.

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Aside from adding family photos on our walls, I wanted to add some coastal touches as well. I had some extra starfish that I had collected over the years and decided they deserved a space on our wall.


Starfish or any shell

Picture frame


Spray adhesive

Hot glue gun (not mine, but one like it- my glue gun is really old)

Getting started

First, disassemble the picture frame, set the glass and all the other pieces aside.

Using the picture frame insert as a guide, I measured and cut my fabric to fit. For this particular project I’m using scrap drop cloth from another project. I double checked to make sure that the picture frame mat would cover the edges of the material.

Next I sprayed the frame insert with a little bit of spray adhesive to hold the fabric in place.

I assembled the picture frame by placing the picture frame mat in first, the fabric covered frame insert, the glass, then the back piece. I held onto the glass only if I wanted to use this frame for something else down the road.

Lastly I flipped the whole picture frame over and using my glue gun, attached the starfish to the fabric.

Just like that, you have instant art.

The possibilities are endless for this type of project. You can scale it down and use a smaller shell, maybe even mark the year and where you picked it up for a super cute vacation souvenir. It would be adorable if you made a design out of shells or even gave it as a gift to someone special. You can even use a super fun or coordinating fabric to mix in your space. Just have fun with it!

I love the coastal farmhouse touch this DIY coastal art added to our foyer. It goes perfectly with our shiplap walls and our luxury vinyl plank floors. Would love to see what you create for your home.


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