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How to create a dramatic monochromatic media room with Romabio Interior paint

The only thing I kept thinking about when designing the media room, I wanted it dark which meant painting everything.

When I made over the laundry room, it was the first time I painted the trim the same dark colors as the walls.

I’m not going to lie, Courtney was not thrilled when he walked in and caught me with wet brush in hand.

I told him to trust the process and I’m glad that he did, because it’s gorgeous.

I did panic and didn’t paint the window trim, but for the media room, I wanted it all painted.

All of it.

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While Romabio is best known for their exterior paint, they have a whole line of interior paint too.

I was honored when Romabio asked me to try out their new line of Velatura Mineral Wash in our media room,

In the process of applying the Velatura Mineral Wash

Better yet, Romabio also recommended their Low Lustre Interior/Exterior and Satin paint to take care of the remainder of the media room in the same color of Navy Steel.

Romabio’s interior paints are mineral based with zero VOC (volatile organic chemicals) meaning they are safe for your home on top of being beautiful AND durable.

Picking the right paint sheen

Romabio Low Lustre Interior/Exterior paint

The Low Lustre Interior/Exterior paint from Romabio is extremely multifaceted.

Not only is the Low Lustre perfect for high traffic areas inside the home, you can also use this durable paint on the exterior of your home too.

Even as a mineral based paint it has the sheen and washability comparable to eggshell.

What surprised me most about the Low Lustre paint from Romabio was the first coat coverage it gave me over the builder grade paint.

I was impressed so much that I decided to use Romabio’s Low Lustre paint on the walls…


I couldn’t imagine the media room any other way, the ceiling needed to be dark.

So did the trim.

Romabio Satin Interior/Exterior Paint

Just like the Low Lustre, Romabio’s satin paint is a mineral based paint that can be used inside and outside your home.

With just a little bit more shine than the Low Lustre, it’s perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and of course trim.

Keeping things cohesive, I used the satin paint on the trim, the back of the media room door, and of course the window trim.

Now the media room is a dramatic monochromatic dream come true.

The Veltatura Mineral Wash paint technique behind the TV was the perfect decision for the focal wall in the media room.

But having everything painted the same color gave the room the feeling of a real theatre and not just a room we watch TV and movies.

Even though adding decor would be the finale, the paint from Romabio is definitely the star of the room.

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