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From boring builder to functional modern farmhouse laundry room

This is the final week of the One Room Challenge for the guest participants, which means it’s time to show off my modern farmhouse laundry room!

Wow this “challenge” definitely lived up to its name and it had nothing to do with our actual modern farmhouse laundry room.

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The laundry room before

All I know is that I’m thankful the One Room Challenge with media partner Better Homes and Gardens is 8 weeks long because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to complete the project on time thanks to an unexpected personal set back. I needed every single second I could get from Week 1 to Week 7.

Injuring my foot almost took me out of this challenge.

Word of the challenge “pivot”

I typically go into any DIY project with an idea and plan on how I want things to look, but once I get into the actual space I’ve been known to adjust and change gears…often multiple times.

First it was accent walls, then it was wallpaper, but my heart kept leaning toward shiplap.

After the butcher block counter and the cabinets were installed, the shiplap accent wall was the absolute right call.

All the lines and colors play well together.

While I wasn’t certain that shiplap would make it into the new house because we used a lot of shiplap in our prior home, this product I found did not disappoint.

Know what else didn’t disappoint? The dark color on the walls, oh Iron Ore you are amazing.

Painting the baseboards was the best call.

I knew it was a risk to paint such a dark color in such a small space and to pain the baseboards and the back of the door, but this little room gets PLENTY of light.

Add into it the fact that the shiplap stayed white, the appliances are white, and I kept the butcher block and shelf on top of the cabinets light, it just worked.

Speaking of the cabinets, they make my vertically challenged self very happy. These cabinets provide ample fully accessible storage. The shelf on top are just a couple boards of select pine sanded and with a couple coats of Polycrylic.

This cabinet placement made the most sense for me and my needs.

Show stoppers

There are two things in this modern farmhouse laundry that absolutely stole my heart and I feel steal the show.

First of all, this light. This baby reminds me of a vintage school house, but her gold base is so swoon worthy.

It also provided the inspiration to spray paint the plate covers and a sign I had tucked away.

This sign speaks a lot of truth.

Next I found this amazingly gorgeous and super functional laundry cart. It has been such a time saver for myself and the family when it comes to sorting laundry. AND the best part, they make the perfect size load for the washer making doing laundry a lot more manageable.

View from behind the door.

I also added a drying rack, something I’ve been wanting for years.

And I hid the ironing essentials behind the door, which keeps it out of the way yet easily accessible.

Modern Farmhouse Laundry is DONE!

There you have it, the first official room COMPLETED in our new home.

It feels so good to have a space that I use every day bring me so much joy to an otherwise daunting task.

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Off to the next project!

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  1. I love this room, Brooke! What a transformation. That deep color makes this space feel cozy but not cramped and I love the shelf over the washing machines. Congrats on a stunning reveal, my friend!

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