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Home Office: Shiplap…Round 3

**This post may contain affiliate links which are no additional charge to you, but help me buy more brad nails since apparently we’re shiplapping all the things.**

If you read my recent post about the beginning of our home office renovation, I mentioned that we shiplapped an ENTIRE room! You also know that I only wanted an accent wall, but it’s ok, I’m not bitter or anything. If you’ve read my other post about how we did shiplap, you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about it again, but this time we did things completely different!

The other two projects we started at the bottom, but this time we started at the top. When you walk into a room our tendency is to look up and it’s more appealing to the eye if all the boards are the same width. Wouldn’t you know it, the very last row in our home office ended up being a little more than an inch wide as opposed to the other boards that were 6 inches wide. ( Plus apparently it’s how you’re “suppose” to do it according to other people. 😉 )

We also didn’t just do one wall at a time, instead we went around the room and did every wall row by row. Round and round we went. Why, well we are still a little scarred by the foyer fiasco where the boards didn’t match up and I didn’t want to take that risk again.  By going around the room instead of focusing on one wall at a time, we ensured that everything was level and the corners matched up perfectly.

This project required 9 total plywood boards and we cut them all down with our Kreg Rip Cut Jig and Ryobi Circular Saw. Like I’ve said before, the jig was amazing to guarantee that every board was the same 6 inch width every time. We cut the boards down the long side of the plywood to cover as much space as possible, but also paying attention to stagger the boards so it didn’t look too uniform around the room.

To keep with a more authentic and rustic look, we made the gap in between the boards using the same spacing with nickels like we use to space the boards when we add another row. It took extra hands and more nickels to hold everything in place while we were nailing. Oh and I also asked YOU what we should do about all the nail holes and overwhelmingly y’all agreed, we should leave them. (Which I could hug you all for agreeing with me because after putting in well over 1000 nail holes I was not feeling the urge to wood fill all. those. holes.) At first the hubby wasn’t on board, but when I showed him the results of the poll, he agreed. Granted I had to show him multiple times and I would make comments like “oh look one more person agrees with me.” Guess what, we both love it!

I guess you could say third time was a charm. We definitely applied all the hard lessons we learned with the last two projects and this go at the shiplap went a lot smoother. However, I have no plans on putting shiplap on anything else any time soon and my husband’s design input is grounded at the moment. Even he at one point tried to say thought maybe an accent wall would have been enough and he’s lucky I wasn’t holding the brad nailer at the time he said it. (Kidding…. sort of.)

Home office, shiplap, farmhouse, coastal farmhouse.
The most satisfying part of the project, painting the shiplap and breathing new life into this space.

I should also mention that we did the built in cabinets first before we did the shiplap. No point in putting shiplap where no one would see it. This leads to the next topic…  Are you ready to hear how we did the built in cabinets? Stay tuned! Here’s a teaser picture and a shot of some of the finished shiplap.

Home office, shiplap, farmhouse, coastal farmhouse
I am so ready to have my office back because I’m head over heels in love with this space!

If you have any questions, or have any other design ideas I’m currently taking submissions from someone other than my husband. (Totally kidding babe, I love you, but seriously you’re still grounded.)



Home office, shiplap, farmhouse, coastal farmhouse.
Shiplap take 3!

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    1. Thank you so much Julie!! It has been a lot of work, but a lot of fun at the same time! Can’t wait to get in there and actually work!!

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