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Clutter Free Home Organization Challenge- Master Bedroom

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Just like getting my roots touched up on time, the master bedroom was the one room in the house I would neglect. The master bedroom was always the last room to be painted or decorated and I lived with the “oh I’ll just shut the door and no one is allowed in” mentality. Over the years, I’ve slowly been changing that mindset and when we moved into our current home, it was actually one of the first rooms to gain our attention. Why? Because as the adults in the family and the ones who can really say we work our tails off to make life happen, we deserved it and so do you!

  1. Peace and quiet

Your master bedroom should be your oasis away from the world. Take out all the noise that doesn’t belong there. If you have kids, make it a toy free zone. I’m trying to make it a kid free zone in general because they pretty much have the rest of the house to galavant around, but it’s hard when I see them cozy in my bed after school. (I’m a work in progress too.) If you work from home, try not to make it a permanent thing in your bedroom. Delegate another place in your home to do your work, the bedroom should be a place where you can rest.

Master bedroom organization.
It may be ok to occasionally work in your bedroom, but try not to make it the main place you work.

The same goes for your laundry. We were really bad about bringing it into the master bedroom to fold, then life would happen and we would have clothing on top of the dresser and on our chair waiting to be put away.

If things end up landing in your bedroom that don’t belong there, evaluate the other paces in your house to determine what you need to change so that doesn’t happen anymore. We gave the kids a place to keep their toys and we revamped our laundry room. By doing those two things, we cleared up two huge repeating problems. I also stopped working in our bedroom because I wanted my brain to have a place to closeout as many open tabs as I could.

2. Furniture

Nightstands can be a dumping ground of random things, but I only keep the essentials. A couple reading materials, charger, lamp, pen, and paper. I know you’re probably thinking why a pen and paper, but I cannot tell you how many times I’ve woken up in the middle of the night and had an idea I didn’t want to forget. I said I try to close as many open tabs as I can in my brain, but there are a few always open. 🙂

Aside from our bed, two night stands, and a comfy chair, the only other piece of furniture we have, is our dresser. Since we have completed the master closet organization and I created my capsule wardrobe, we’re getting to the point that we don’t even really need the dresser anymore.  What I do have inside, everything is carefully folded. Also, after reorganizing my closet, I freed up space to keep my jewelry instead of on top of my dresser. The bottom drawer of my dresser is where I keep the extra set of sheets for our bedroom.

3. Other things to consider

We keep nothing on the floor and this is mainly because we have dogs and we have to keep things out of their reach. We try to make a point to put our dirty clothes in the laundry, hang up coats, put away shoes etc. at the end of the night Also because of the dogs, we don’t keep a trash can in our bedroom, instead we keep it in the bathroom under the sink.

We do use pillows to decorate, but we do try to keep it minimal and we use almost all of the pillows on our bed. We have a mirror over the dresser to catch one last look before we leave and the other pictures we have in the room are just of my husband and I because I want the space to be devoted to us.

4. Extra Storage Needs

If you’re lacking storage in other areas of your house, definitely use under the bed. I do have memorabilia from when I was younger I keep under there in a container. As long as it’s not overflowing out into your bedroom, this space can easily be utilized and is a lot easier to get to if you’re vertically challenged like me and don’t want to put things way up on the top shelf.

If you have a bench at the end of your bed, there are storage options as well that are a great place to store seasonal clothing and extra blankets.

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The master bedroom should be our refuge from the daily grind.

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