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Easy No Sew Window Seat Cushion Cover

What once was an overlooked space, is now the perfect reading nook. All thanks to a super easy no sew window seat cover.

I’ve been working on updating my daughter Kennedy’s room and I have loved coming up with little surprises. She is an avid reader and her room has a small window seat. The problem is, the window seat is not a normal size, so whatever I put there would have to be made.

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First things first, I needed to find thick high density foam that was long enough to fit the space. No stores near me had what I needed, so I turned to Amazon.

Since the foam was a little more than I wanted to spend, I turned to my favorite neutral fabric, a drop cloth. The color fits perfectly with the overall design plan for Kennedy’s room.

Drop cloths make the best neutral fabric choice.

Before I cut the drop cloth for this project, I washed it a few times. Washing the drop cloth helps to make it softer, eliminates a lot of fuzz, as well as the fact that most fabric will shrink the first time you wash it. By not washing the fabric first, you run the risk of your project becoming too small down the road. Last but not least, you’ll need a few safety pins.

Step 1

Roll out the foam, measure, and mark your cuts. I drew a line to draw out exactly what my cuts would be.

The window seat is a lot smaller than the foam that I purchased.

Step 2

Using an electric carving knife, I cut the foam to size.

This serrated electric carving knife cut the foam like butter.

Step 3

Check the foam to ensure it fits in the space without being too snug. You want to allow enough room for the material to wrap the cushion.

Step 4

I decided to double up the drop cloth around the foam by folding the material in half. Once folded and pulled tight around the cushion, I secured the material with large safety pins.

Next I folded the ends of the cushion in like a present and again secured with safety pins.

Ends are folded and pinned into place.

Everything fits snug and is not bulky.

NOTE: At the time that I did this project, I was not sure how it would hold up. I wanted to see if the safety pins would work or if I should go ahead and sew the cushion cover. So far, the safety pins have been fine and there has been no issues with the cushion and cover not staying in place.

Driftwood Gray Cordless Shade

For under $65, I made a no sew window seat cushion cover. The longest part of the whole project was waiting for the foam to arrive. Other than that, the project took less than 15 minutes and provides my daughter hours of reading enjoyment.


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