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$100 Room Challenge- Hall Closet on a Budget Week 2

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Who doesn’t love inspo and demo? That’s where we are in week 2 of the hall closet budget makeover during the $100 Room Challenge.

If you have been following me for a while, you know how much I loathe wire closet racks. Inside the hall closet was my nemesis the white builder grade rack, which was way too high for my youngest to place her backpack on and the space in general felt super crowded. The first week I had the girls go through all of their shoes and I also took out all of their coats because we can only wear one coat at a time, unless you’re Joey from “Friends” and you’re trying to wear all the things. Now that I could see what was left, it was time to find some inspiration.

Budget DIY, $100 Room Challenge
This closet is from Eleven Magnolia Lane and is everything I wanted in our budget closet makeover.


Budget DIY, $100 Room Challenge
This closet from The Diligent One had some cute features too.

Next came the my favorite, demo day!!!!! Which took all of like 15 minutes, but it still felt good to pull out the wire rack.

Budget DIY, $100 Room Challenge
Pulling out the wire rack reminded me of the movie “Office Space” so satisfying.

I decided to wait on patching any holes because I wanted to see what was left after I added the wood shelf similar to what I did in our pantry.

Once everything was out, I wanted to add a shelf at the top and a deeper shelf at the bottom to act as a bench. Since it was just me at the time of the build, I used my Ryobi Brad Nailer to place the support on the wall before I used wood screws to secure the boards into the wall.

For the bottom shelf I moved the shoe cubby into the closet so I knew exactly where to place the support and the shelf. After the supports were in, I used my Ryobi circular saw to cut down the wood boards and laid them in place.

That’s it! So simple and by doing this change, not only gave us more space, but more functional storage. Essentially we have two shelves instead of one with the option to add an extra shelf above the top shelf if we wanted. Next up comes the fun part, decorating our new space!

Budget DIY, $100 Room Challenge
Here is a slightly cleaned up version of the hall closet before.


After so far!

Now I’m even more excited to tackle the other closets in our house as soon as this one is done!



Tools Used:

Ryobi Circular Saw
Ryobi Brad Nailer





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  1. Hey Brooke I love how you reworked that shoe rack into to a bench that is really a genius move. It looks wonderful and such a perfect way to save a bunch of money for the $100 Challenge. Great Job!!!

  2. I just found your blog, and have been go through old posts and wow, have you done some great things! The only thing…for those of us with smaller computers, sometimes your pictures are a bit hard to see, especially when you make them small enough to place two or three side by side. Even if you decide to keep your photos smaller, I will still be following :).

    1. I’m so glad you found me!!! Thank you for the feedback, I definitely want to make my posts enjoyable for all!! I have been making adjustments especially on my newer posts. Have a great day!!

    1. Thank you Sherry!! This space has already been a huge upgrade to our daily routine. Thankful life returns to normal for us tomorrow, but super sad for our neighbors up north.

  3. First off, loving your inspiration pictures. I, too, do no like wire shelving. I have done exactly what you did in our former house, and I’ve also made wood overlays to cover them. Either way, it looks a million times better. I hope that you are safe as the storms are headed your way.

    1. It’s definitely giving me the inspiration to keep going with the rest of the closets. I really want to tackle mine next to give that custom and functional look. Thankfully we are doing well and have dodged the worst of the storms. My heart breaks for friends in NC that aren’t doing as well.

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