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Easy and inexpensive tablecloth curtains

I am a HUGE fan of drop cloth curtains, but tablecloth curtains are now the front runner.

When we moved into the new house I fell in love with the super tall ceilings in our new home.

Hand holding a set of house keys in front of white house with black double doors.

On the other hand, when we started talking about adding curtains I started getting sick thinking of how expensive it would be to get the curtains the length that I needed.

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Empty house with three windows. In front of windows on counter are a gift bag, potted plant, bottle of champagne, and a food tray.

One can research for days on the proper length of curtains and some of it depends on where the curtains are being hung.

For example, in our coffee nook I opted for cafe curtains.

Two large windows with white cafe curtains behind two wood chairs with rattan seats. Under the chairs are a black and white floral round rug. Theres'a black small table between the two chairs with a plant that has purple flowers on top. To the left of the wood chairs is a black cabinet with a water kettle on top.

I typically like for my longer curtains to touch and slightly pool on the floor.

In our primary bedroom we have thick craftsman style moulding and our ceilings (thankfully) aren’t as tall as the rest of the downstairs.

How did I even figure out tablecloths for curtains?

Shopping for table linens and a lightbulb went off when I looked at the measurements of the tablecloth, I just knew they would be the perfect length for our primary bedroom.

Package of white table cloths

Drop cloth curtains are appealing because of their price, which is also why I fell in love with the price of the tablecloth at only $17.00 per panel.

The best part, I wouldn’t need to do any sewing because all I needed were these black curtain clip rings.

Hand holding black clip curtain rings on top of white fabric.

Drop cloth curtains are more of a light natural linen look, but since I wanted white curtains, the tablecloth is the perfect option for me.

I also hung the curtain rod right up under the crown moulding and after I got everything situated, I gave the tablecloth curtains a good steam with my Rowenta handheld steamer.

right hand holding steamer and left hand pulling on white curtains

Final thoughts on tablecloth curtains

The tablecloth curtains are thicker than a sheer curtain, but not as thick as a standard curtain.

White curtains hanging from black curtain rods on the left. White bedside table with black knobs to the right. On top of the white side table is a white pitcher filled with fall florals on top of a cream colored book. Flooring is a lighter colored wood.

They’re definitely not good if you need a total black out curtain, but for us we still wanted some light to get in, we just want it more filtered.

Tablecloth curtains are a great budget friendly alternative to regular curtains.

White curtains hanging at a window next to a bed with white linens and a rust colored blanket draped across.

Since tablecloths are meant to be washed, they should be easy to keep clean.

And if you love a little variety, changing out your curtains seasonly makes tablecloth curtains an ideal option.

White curtains hang on the left next to a white side table with a white pitcher full of fall florals next to a black lamp. The bed has white linens with accents of a rust colored pillow and rust colored knitted blanket. Theres a white knitted pillow behind a smaller pillow with the name "Cribbs" lettered across.

Plus, no one will know unless I tell them…. or they read this blog post. 😉

Products used in the tablecloth curtains

Target tablecloths
Black matte curtain rods
Matte black clip curtain rings
Rowenta handheld steamer (similar to mine)

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