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$100 Room Challenge- Master Bedroom

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It’s the perfect time for a budget friendly DIY project!

I don’t know about you, but I am so ready to get my hands dirty and start renovating some spaces! I always take a little breather toward the end of the year, but now is the time! Post Christmas and after the New Year has my wallet looking a little skinny. Which is why the $100 Room Challenge is the best way to kick things off.

Budget DIY, $100 Room Challenge
Join myself and other talented bloggers as we take on the $100 Room Challenge.

Our master bedroom is the first space to kick off the new year!

Aside from blogging, one of my other passions is real estate and if there’s anything I can pass on, neutral decor will sell your home fast. Most buyers are not able to look past things such as paint color and this actually played in our favor when we purchased our current home a couple of years ago. People overlooked the house, but we saw so much potential. Bad for them for missing out on an awesome house, great for us though!

Picture from internet listing

I called the color pumpkin spice latte. However I discovered that the generous previous owners left the paint can, why I don’t know, and it was actually called pumpkin pie. Either way, it. had. to. go. I didn’t care what I painted the walls, I just couldn’t look at it any longer.

I picked my colors, did an accent wall, added a barn door, and drop cloth curtains. Then the debate started that the walls looked baby blue and it sort of spiraled from there. Which leads me to the challenge, and I am so glad to FINALLY make out master bedroom something once and for all!

One month, $100 limit, lets do this!!

We have three dogs so for my sanity, the dark grey linen duvet from IKEA is staying. That being said, this duvet is the bees knees. Three dogs, with nails, and dirt…. lets just say it washes up beautifully and has held up great over the past year. Oh and the furniture, it’s staying too. They were a road side finds from Pier One that I painted and I LOVE them still. Oh and the lamps, they were a great find and I truly do love them.

What has to change

  1. Wall color
  2. Refresh decor
  3. Statement headboard

I’m off to find more inspiration because to be perfectly honest, I’m still not so sure exactly where this master bedroom refresh will take me. Honestly, that’s the fun part!

Cheers to a new year! Don’t forget to click below and check out the other awesome bloggers who are also taking on this challenge!



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  1. Yea… I’m not sure “Pumpkin Pie” is a color I’d want anywhere in my house… It looks like you have done some awesome things in here already (that barn door!). A little paint is always good and I’m excited to see what you decide on for a headboard… We have NEVER had a headboard, and we need one, so I’ll be watching 🙂

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