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Easy Up-Cycled Sweater Dollar Store Halloween Pumpkin Craft

**This post may contain affiliate links which cost you nothing extra, but help me buy more pumpkins because kids.**

Don’t throw out that old sweater just yet, you can up-cycle it to cover a dollar store Halloween pumpkin for inexpensive decor.

We had a little situation this past weekend where my youngest didn’t do what she was supposed to, shocking I know. The dog got to her lunch before she did splattering tomato sauce all over the table and on to my Target bargain bin pumpkins.  RIP bargain bin find, but I don’t think any amount of stain cleaner will save you. Then a lightbulb moment…  Thankfully I had just bought a couple dollar store pumpkins for another craft and I had a couple sweaters I got from the thrift store for yet another craft. (I may have a problem here, but this is a no judgement zone.)

Dollar store pumpkin, Halloween, Sweater Up-cycle
I must have some mad camera skills because this dollar store Halloween pumpkin is not showing its true florescent orange self properly.

First things first, I cut the sleeves off of the sweaters and put the dollar store pumpkin in through the bigger side. I cut off the excess and set the part aside that had the cuff.

Dollar store pumpkin, Halloween, Sweater Up-cycle
I have so many plans for this sweater, but first up, dollar store Halloween pumpkin makeover.

When I fit the dollar store pumpkin into the sleeve, I noticed that the bright orange pumpkin was peeking through and I didn’t like that at all. Just like most things I come into contact with, she got a spray down with my trusty white Rust-Oleum spray paint.

Dollar store pumpkin, Halloween, Sweater Up-cycle
My favorite Rust-Oleum Spray paint already making the dollar store pumpkin look better.

After the pumpkin dried I put it back into the sweater and hot glued the bottom and the top.

Dollar store pumpkin, Halloween, Sweater Up-cycle
I had started this project when I realized how badly the orange was peeking through.

Taking off the little nub for a stem I replaced it with a piece of driftwood I found in vase filler. Lastly I wrapped some twine and tied a bow. This was seriously the quickest and easiest Halloween craft.

Dollar store pumpkin, Halloween, Sweater Up-cycle
The sweetest little white sweater pumpkin around.

I’m so glad I didn’t pass over those dollar store Halloween pumpkins, it’s like my mind was foreshadowing what was about to happen.

Dollar store: “Here girl, you’re gonna need these florescent Halloween pumpkins in a day or two.”

Me: “Ew, but they’re so… orange!”

Dollar store: “Trust me, buy them… buy a couple.”

I mean it seems to happen to me at Target, why not at the dollar store too. 😉

And to be perfectly honest, I’m totally smitten with the new look!

Dollar store pumpkin, Halloween, Sweater Upcycle
Our table scape before the accident.

The glorious after with the new dollar store pumpkins and up-cycled thrift store sweater.

Dollar store pumpkin, Halloween, Sweater Upcycle
Happy little accidents lead to even better decor. Love my dollar store Halloween pumpkin turned thrift store sweater up-cycled decor.



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