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One Room Challenge Week 1- Master Closet Makeover

**This post may contain affiliate links, which cost you nothing extra, but allow me to buy more wood to make these wire racks disappear once and for all!!**

The official One Room Challenge kicks off this week and I’m FINALLY attacking my master closet!

If you know me, you know I do better when someone else can hold me accountable. Leave me to my own devices and I’ll push things aside faster than the cha cha slide. Recently I just completed my hall closet makeover and the girls absolutely LOVE it and honestly so do I. It was one of those projects that kept getting knocked to the bottom of the list, but enter a challenge and BOOM, project done.  Thankfully the VERY next day I saw the sign ups for the One Room Challenge to be a guest participant and jumped on the opportunity!

One Room Challenge, Master Closet
My master closet… In my defense nothing was stored away seasonally.

The house we moved into had two master closets, one for me and one for my husband. It was the first time in a really long time that I didn’t have to share so I SPREAD OUT. Nothing was packed away and stored seasonally, it was supposed to be a dream, but it was too crowded. I decided it was time to do a capsule wardrobe, which helped out tremendously.

(My apologies for the awful pictures, but seriously this was from a year ago and I’ve already started dismantling the closet. Oopsies…)

Yes it was a million times better than the clogged mess that it once was, but nothing about it screamed “master closet” or “I’m a grown up”.  Like I said earlier, my master closet slid down the priority list as the other “more important” projects took center stage. This past August I turned 40 and decided once and for all I deserved to have a more grown up closet!

One Room Challenge, Master Closet
I took turning 40 VERY seriously

Needless to say the One Room Challenge came at the PERFECT time. Here are a few things on my wish list.

Remove the wire racks and install built in shelving.

Living right outside Charleston, South Carolina, we don’t have basements and the attics get too hot to store anything of importance. I have quite a bit of special keepsakes that I don’t want to see anything happen to them, so storing them in my closet is a must. There is a TON of wasted space and a few more shelves will definitely help out.

Not to mention the fact that aesthetically the wire just doesn’t do it for me personally.

Install a long mirror

We have them in other spaces in the house, but it would be nice to have my very own full length mirror so I can just try things on in my closet without having to move room to room. Plus you never know, I may get the fashion bug and decide to try my hand at showing off my favorite clothing find.

Better lighting

I want to do something a little more fun or dramatic than the somewhat upgraded boob light that is currently in my closet. Plus, one must have way better lighting to truly capture the stunning details of the OOTD. (Outfit of the day in case you were wondering, because trust me it took me way longer than I want to admit to figure that out.)

Move EVERYTHING to my closet

The way that our master bedroom is set up, there is a little hallway that leads to the closet and then to the master bathroom. We added a barn door that we made to close off this area. It would be amazing to be able to move the contents of my dresser into my closet because honestly I don’t have much left in there anyway. That way once I’m done showering I can go into my closet to finish getting dressed.

Decor galore

I definitely want it to look like a more grown up closet instead of a struggling teenager. I want it to be a place that gets me pumped and ready for my day. Just because it’s a closet doesn’t mean that it has to be boring.

Budget DIY

There is one teeny little catch though, my budget is small and I do it on purpose. I want to be intentional while at the same time show people that it doesn’t take a ton of money to create big impact. Part of how I fund my projects is through what I call and I’ve heard other people call “seed money”. It’s selling items and taking that money and putting it into another project. This coming up weekend, there is a community yard sale and my hope is to take the money from that sale and use it towards the master closet renovation. I’ve started brainstorming the design part of it and started taking measurements. Here are some inspiration photos of what I have in mind.

The Inspiration Part 1

One Room Challenge, Master Closet
This has always been my go to picture from HOUZZ.com

I love the shoe shelving, the drawers, the extra storage up top. It’s just missing the full length mirror and a place to put my jewelry.

One Room Challenge, Master Closet
I love this closet The Wood Grain Cottage featured on their page.

Needless to say the possibilities are endless and I cannot wait to FINALLY transform this space!

Don’t forget to check out the ORC Blog Page to follow along with the other talented guest participants as well as the Featured Designers.



One Room Challenge, Master Closet
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