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Homes.com ~ Buying a Home Without Maxing Your Budget

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Even though you qualify, you do not need to max out your budget when buying your home.

A piece of advice we got before we bought our first home has always stuck with us even when we bought our current home:  stay well below what you pre-qualify for from the bank. I can remember talking to our Realtor who was not sure why we were looking at homes in a lower price point when he knew that we qualified for much more. While buying a home is a very exciting and an emotionally charged time, you have to remember your financial goals when you’re thinking of taking the big plunge.

Home buying, budget
Buying a home can be exciting, but don’t set yourself up for failure.

There was only one time when we ignored our own rules and almost found ourselves in a sticky situation. Thankfully we were able to get ourselves out of it before anything major happened, but unfortunately too many people fall victim to buying something too close to the top of their budget.

Check out the article I wrote for Homes.Com where I talk about all this and more that you should consider when deciding which home to buy.


Read the article here:

Buying a Home Without Maxing Out Your Budget on Homes.com

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