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One Room Challenge- Week 2 Master Closet Makeover

**This post may contain affiliate links, which cost you nothing extra, but help me buy more beautiful rugs since I’m not allowed to pull up the carpet in my master closet makeover. (sigh)**

Who said a master closet makeover had to be boring? Give me all the color!

Last week I told you that I selected my master closet as the next makeover victim! I also told you that I was having a yard sale to collect some “seed money” to help fund this project. Thankfully the yard sale was a HUGE success and I made a little over $200!!! While sitting with my hubby talking about my plans, he told me I wasn’t allowed to pull out the carpet. (whomp whomp)

Which led to plan B: find a rug that I could use to liven things up and look what I found!!!

Look at this beautiful rug I found from Wayfair!!

One Room Challenge, Master bedroom makeover
To say I’m in love is an understatement!

There you have it folks, my color inspiration for the master closet makeover! I mean so many colors and so fun for a space that would normally be super boring right?!

Here’s what I’m thinking:

I have a trip to IKEA planned for tomorrow, the hubster wasn’t down to head there the day after the yard sale and really I don’t blame him. The money is burning a hole in my pocket and I have a very specific item, well two actually, that I NEED to have for this space.

One Room Challenge, Master Closet Makeover
I don’t think I could build two of these for the price I can buy it from IKEA


The builder in me wants to make them, but I have so much that will needs to be constructed away. Plus who doesn’t like an excuse to go to IKEA? The dressers are small enough to fit and I have big plans to make these more personal for the space.

This is the color that I’m thinking of painting both of the IKEA Rast dressers.

One Room Challenge, Master Closet makeover
I painted an accent wall in my bedroom this color and I LOVE IT!

I want a full length mirror for this space, but it can’t be too big. I’m also trying to decide if I want to add a touch of metal like this mirror.

One Room Challenge, Master Closet Makeover
Love this brass framed mirror from Target


Or a wood tone like this mirror.

One Room Challenge, Master Closet Makeover
Love the subtle wood accent.

Even though I am blessed to have a closet separate from my husband, it’s not ginormous. Where I want the little dressers and the mirrors to be neighbors is going to limit the size of the mirror I can use.

Then of course there’s the lighting because the current boob light is just not doing it for me! I want something that is semi flushmount and look what I found at Home Depot.

One Room Challenge, Master Closet Makeover
Home Depot Semi Flushmount light.

Out of curiosity I checked the IKEA site and found this light.

One Room Challenge, master closet makeover
IKEA Semi Flushmount Ceiling light

Um, there’s not a whole lot of difference except the IKEA version is $25 dollars cheaper. That’s a lot of Swedish meatballs I can buy!

What now??

I still have quite a few other things to figure out, like what color I want the walls and the shelving to be.  I’m thinking I want the shelving to be stained the same color as the dresser counters. This is where my internal DIY’er and my internal pseudo Interior Designer battle it out.

Oh and then there’s the demo, thankfully it’s not a lot.

That’s it for now! Got to gas up for my field trip to IKEA!!



Don’t forget to check out the ORC Blog Page to follow along with the other talented guest participants as well as the featured designers.

One Room Challenge, Master Closet


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  1. Oh, I was actually considering that rug for a room I did a few months ago – I really like it in your photos and you’re right, there are so many great colours to pull from 🙂 Excited to see this space!

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