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How to Turn Thrift Store Finds into a Christmas Door Decoration

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A Christmas decor decoration shouldn’t cost a lot.  This makes thrift store finds the perfect solution!

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been resisting the urge to start decorating for Christmas for about a week now. It doesn’t help that the stores have already started putting out their Christmas decor a couple weeks before Halloween. Basically I’m going to blame them for my Christmas decorating desperation.

Thrift store Christmas Decor, Budget Decor
The ingredients for some yummy Christmas Door Decoration’s.

Why have just my ideas for updating your Christmas decor, when you can get ideas from 26 other talented ladies too?

I want to refresh my Christmas decor and I found a group of ladies who wanted to do the same thing! Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to share various ideas for how to decorate this holiday season. Each week has a theme and this week is Christmas door decoration! (I’m sure you already figured it out.) This week, you get not one but TWO ideas from yours truly!!

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Santa’s Sleigh Bells Christmas Door Decoration

The first Christmas door decoration is an example of what you can do with a cute thrift store belt. The second I saw this woven beauty, I knew I wanted it to look like something you would see on Santa’s sleigh! The belt cost $3.00.

Thrift store Christmas Decor, Budget Christmas Decor
It doesn’t take much to turn a thrift store belt into Santa’s sleigh bells.

Supplies Needed:

Thrift Store Belt

Glue Gun

Florist Wire

White Craft Paint

Wood Stain

Wood letters

Rustic bells

I found the best rustic look jingle bells at Hobby Lobby and there were plenty for both project this week. Of course Hobby Lobby was running a 50% off their Christmas decor. I also picked up a couple of unfinished wooden letter’s which I stained using Rustoleum Classic Walnut. I then dry brushed the letters to give a weathered look and used a glue gun to attach to the belt.  I attached the bells using floral wire.

Thrift store Christmas Decor, Budget Christmas Decor
Super cute and can be hung anywhere! Interior doors or any other hook you have.

Cozy Christmas Wreath

The second Christmas door decoration was inspired by the chunky gray sweater I found at the thrift store for $4.00, which I knew would be perfect as the base of the Christmas wreath.

Thrift Store Christmas Decor, Budget Christmas decor
I cut the thrift store sweater into strips and wrapped around the form.

Supplies needed:

Chunky sweater

Foam wreath

Glue gun

Berries and leaves

Rustic bells

Florist Wire

Thrift Store Christmas Decor, Budget Christmas Decor
Super cute detail.

I started out by cutting the sweater into 4 inch strips. Using the glue gun, I attached one end of the sweater strip and wrapped around the foam form until the whole wreath was covered. Then I tucked to sprigs of the berries and leaves into the sweater and used the glue gun to secure them both. Next came the rustic bells, which I also used the florist wire to weave through and secure the bells. I also added some hot glue to further secure them in place. The sweater that I bought came with buttons so I clipped off a section and use that to loop around the wreath and hang on the door hanger.

Thrift Store Christmas Decor, Budget Christmas Decor
I am in LOVE with this thrift store Christmas door decoration!

The only items I purchased was the belt, sweater, foam wreath, berries with leaves, and rustic bells. For less than $20 I was able to create two super cute Christmas door decorations from thrift store finds.

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  1. That sweater trick is a good one! Even the button loop to hang this is really creative and on style with the project- and bells? Lots of angels will be getting their wings at your house this holiday. Beautiful, unique wreath- thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Christine! I definitely want to try to use as much as the sweater as possible. I have plans for the rest of the sweater scraps too.

  2. Hi Brooke! I am in love with your sweater wreath, too. The matching hanger with the buttons put it over the top! I bet it jingles when someone opens the door. So cute!

  3. Thrift store makeover projects are a favourite of mine and you have created two fabulous projects with your thrifty finds! I will be keeping an eye out for a cable knit sweater!

  4. Wow, you’re so creative, Brooke! Loving both of your DIYs, especially the sweater wreath! It turned out beautifully 🙂

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