Full review of my Ruggable washable rug

With three dogs and two kids, I have gone through my fair share of rugs.

I don’t care how many times I steam clean my rugs, I never feel like I can get them clean enough or get the dog smell out. Since I was going to get another rug, why not try out the Ruggable washable rugs everyone raves about?!

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We needed a rug under our dining table and I thought this would be the best place to try out a Ruggable washable rug. This area gets a lot of traffic, it’s where all the food is eaten, and dropped. The dining area is also where all the projects happen and its right by the door where the dogs come in and out.

This rug is about to put in some work.

This review is not sponsored and I purchased these rugs on my own. The opinion is based on my own experience.

How does the Ruggable washable rug work?

You purchase the Ruggable washable rug in a set that contains the bottom pad and the actual rug. The bottom pad is non-slip on one side and the other side has a velcro type texture to hold the rug in place. The appeal is the ability to pull the top rug layer off and wash in your washing machine.

Black and white floral Ruggable washable rug with corner flipped up to show the black pad under all on top of a brown vinyl plank floor.
The Ruggable washable rug sits on this non-slip mat.

Ruggable washable rugs come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors. They also started offering outdoor and different texture of rugs as well.

Initial thoughts on the Ruggable washable rug

The Ruggable washable rug took a couple weeks to get to our home, which was a little hard to be patient about now that we live in a world of Amazon. The pile of the washable rug is low, but super soft to walk on.

We selected an 8 foot round rug to go under our dining table so that was a challenge to get everything lined up and it took myself and my two girls to help out. The grip on the pad grabs really well, almost too well at times, but we got her down.

Loving the way that it looked and wanting to tie the kitchen right next to the dining room in, I purchased a second Ruggable washable rug, this time a 2.5 foot x 10 foot runner. This rug would span between the sink and the cooktop. (Almost felt like I was setting the washable rug up for failure. 😉 I call it “field research”.)

Does the Ruggable washable rug stay in place?

Absolutely. Granted the dining table was sitting on the washable rug, but the kitchen runner was the true test, and it didn’t move.

Do the edges curl?

Yes-ish. We had one 12 inch side of the round dining table rug that kept rolling up and once it started it was like our feet were attracted to it and kept flipping it up. I’m going to attribute this to the fact that the pad underneath is just slightly smaller than the actual rug. When I rolled the rug out, that part hung a little bit further past the pad. The kitchen runner that saw way more traffic did not curl.

Is the Ruggable washable rug safe for the floors?

We have luxury vinyl plank and when I pulled up everything when I washed it, there was no evidence of any wear. Unfortunately I don’t have experience with wood/ laminate flooring. We will in the new house so I’ll have to report back later.

How well does the Ruggable washable rug wash up?

This is the one thing that I was afraid to test out for the longest time. I’ve spot cleaned the rug when there’s been random spills and it cleaned up no problem. (Like spilled red pasta sauce and totally came up.) No idea why, but it took me about 6 months to finally work up the courage to wash our rug.

I washed the runner separate from the bigger circular rug, but they both individually fit really well in my washing machine. When it was time to dry, I was able to put the washable rug in the dryer on low and the rug came out relatively dry. (You’ll want to refer to the Ruggable cleaning instructions because there are some rugs that have different directions. )

Probably the hardest part was getting the rug back onto the non slip pad. Overall, I am super impressed with the way the washable rug cleaned up.


I felt that the price of the washable rug was reasonable considering how many rugs I’ve gone through. You can purchase just the top rug without the bottom pad, which is perfect for changing up decor during the seasons. The rug portion folds up and is easy to store away. While it may not be an antique Turkish rug, there are a lot of very stylish rugs to choose from that can stand up to the wear and tear of such an active family for a fraction of the price.

Final thoughts

Overall I am super happy with the Ruggable washable rug and wish I wouldn’t have been so intimidated to wash and dry it. Not only did the washable rug come out looking like new, but the curled part laid down. I highly recommend taking a look at this rug when you’re ready to make your next rug purchase.

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