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Budget friendly holiday decor

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Decorating for the holidays should be a festive time, not a stressful one!

It’s always fun looking through the pages of a magazine or even perusing the endless clicks of Pinterest looking for the newest decorating trends. Not just in every day decor, but also when it comes to decorating for the holidays. This year I challenged myself to kick things up a notch, but in a more budget friendly way.

Hoop wreaths

A few months ago I took a solo dream trip to IKEA and on my way out stumbled upon these adorable hoop wreaths.

The price was right for the wreath, but I wanted to make it my own.

I picked up 5 of the wreaths, took off the red flowers and replaced them with stems from Hobby Lobby I liked better. I found weathered letters in the Target Bargain bin to spell what I think many of us need,  “PEACE”, and hung it in my office. Total cost of this project, $35 for the three hoops.

Inexpensive way to make a huge impact.

Watch how I made the hoops here:

Watch the YouTube Tutorial on how I made the IKEA hoop wreath hack.

Gift Bag Pictures

Walking around the Walmart holiday section, I stumbled upon these super cute gift bags and instantly an idea popped into my head, what if I used them in as a part of my decor. The total cost between the two gift bags was $5.00.

Gift bags from Walmart make the perfect home decor.

And not just any part of my decor, but in picture frames I already use in my space.

Last but not least, I used pre-knitted yarn from Hobby Lobby to create a unique Garland for our Christmas tree. It took two skeins at $13 a piece.

I took 8 strands of yarn that was a the size of the tree and about a half to create this criss cross look.

The tree is ready for our family ornaments.


Updating our home for the holiday’s didn’t cost a ton, and it still feels very festive. I love how everything turned out and my office is so cozy!

The perfect work space and place to put the tree.

Hope that you found a little inspiration to add to your space!


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  1. OH MY! Absolutely amazing! Your tree is phenomenal! Seriously a beautiful way to celebrate Christmas.
    Thanks for inspiring me and having fun to the Deck the Home blog tour.
    Merry Christmas.

  2. Your decor is beautiful, I saw those hoop wreaths at Ikea too and loved them! I like how you altered yours and added the letters.

  3. Love the hoop wreaths! And yes to the gift bags as framed decor. I actually spoke about that exact thing in a blog post not too long ago. 🙂 Love your style!

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