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One Room Challenge- Week 4 Master Closet Makeover

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Heading into the final weeks of the master closet makeover and this one was full of unnecessary mistakes.

If you’ve been following along with the master closet makeover that I’m doing as a One Room Challenge Guest Participant, then you know that it’s been full of fun and exciting things. Like finding THE BEST RUG EVER and my solo trip to IKEA, which was the BEST DAY EVER!

I told myself not to put it together and yet here we are.

Seriously that rug from Wayfair gives me ALL the feels!

If you’ve ever bought anything from IKEA, then you know you have to put it together. If you haven’t bought anything from IKEA, know you have to put it all together. The whole way home I told myself, no matter what you do, don’t put the Rast dressers all together because we’re going to paint it, and it will be better to paint then assemble. Well, I didn’t wait and this week I was cursing myself. So many little nooks and crannies, but I was super thankful for Frogtape!

What makes for a good DIY story, not one but TWO unnecessary mistakes in one week!

My second mistake was when it was time for me to decide what to do with the back wall of the master closet makeover. At first I thought stencil, but then I decided it may be quicker to use wallpaper. I don’t even know myself anymore because I swore off wallpaper.  The house we bought prior to this house had a bathroom covered in it and I cursed the previous owners. Repeatedly cursed them.

Then I found the next best thing, peel and stick wallpaper at Target!!

I love the design of this wallpaper.

I bought one roll and on the way home I quickly realized I should have bought more. No big deal right, I can just go back and get more once I measure the walls, right? WRONG! Three Target stores later and I  bought the only two remaining rolls of wallpaper in the pattern I selected in all of Charleston County! Talk about a close call and unnecessary stress had I just measured from the beginning.

I read the instructions that came with the wallpaper, my husband was just as shocked as I was because I loathe reading instructions. Thankfully I did which meant I needed to paint the master closet first, including the wall where the wallpaper was going. The closet probably hadn’t been painted since the house was built and it was the chalky builder grade paint. Just by painting the master closet alone made a huge difference.

Slow and steady, but I’m in love!

If you’re looking for a way to instantly update your space with a very limited budget, paint is the way to go.

The instructions for the wallpaper also say it is a two person job, but knowing me and valuing my marriage, I took one for the team. I installed the peel and stick wallpaper on my own. Not my brightest move, but it’s up, I am in love and still married.

Also this week I stained the shelves, closet rods, and the counter for the Rast Dressers. I installed the brackets for the rods and set the base for the Rast Dressers, which are now ready for paint. Even with the minor hiccups, I still accomplished a lot more than I anticipated. Heading into the last couple of weeks and a busy couple of weeks at that. Can’t wait to put it all together!

I opted for the black brackets for a more boutique feel.



Sneak peek of what’s to come!


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