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Home Office Floor Update For Less Than $200

After a couple of days I was able to drastically change the look of my floor!

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When I we did my home office makeover, the only part that we didn’t touch was the floor. For the last year I have been LOVING how the space turned out, not just functionally, but aesthetically too. Well, with the exception of the floor.

I told Courtney I wanted to replace the floors, but OMG the cost would have been crazy. The next best thing, I decided to paint them, but now Courtney thought I was crazy. 😉 The only thing crazy was how well it turned out!

Coastal farmhouse, home office
Stock kitchen cabinets provide amble storage space for all my supplies.

After a couple of days, a lot of drying time, and oodles of patience I am OBSESSED with these floors. Not only did it freshen up the space, but it breathed new life into the space. Now I can officially say that the home office make over is COMPLETE!!

Head over to my article on Homes.com to see the full step by step tutorial!

Before you go, here are the supplies that you’re going to need:

Paint Supplies:

Paint Brush

Handy Paint Tray

Paint Extension Pole

Paint Roller for the base coats

High Density Foam Roller for the stencil

Painter’s Tape

Cutting Edge Stencil- Augusta Design

Paint and Protective Coat of your choosing

Mostly importantly, have fun and if you mess up, you can just paint over it and start again!!



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