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Easy wine cork deer craft

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Super easy deer craft using the wine corks you’ve been saving.

It’s that time of year when family and friends gather near and far to celebrate life while giving thanks to the past year. For many it may be a joyous occasion and for others, well not so much. Either way, here is a way to make use of the wine corks that are laying around. (wink, wink)


Wine corks (2)

Cutting knife



Hot glue gun

Hot glue gun sticks

Wine Cork Deer


Cut one of the wine corks in half and set one of the halves aside.

Using the blade on the longer cork make two tiny holes on each end opposite of one another, this is where the legs are going to go. One the opposite side of the cork put one tiny hole on each of the ends, this is where the neck and tail are going to go.

On the smaller piece of cork, make two holes close together near the cut end  and on the other side, one hole for where the neck will connect to the body.

With your twigs and snapping with your hands, make four the same length, these will be the legs. Make two slightly shorter, these will be the neck and the tail. Looking for twigs with tiny off shoots, snap off two sets, these will be the antlers. On the crafting berries, find a small one and pull it off.

Now it’s time to assemble the deer together.

Now we are ready to glue everything together.

Start by gluing in the legs and tail on the longer piece of cork, set aside to let cool. Stick the antlers in the head and the neck using hot glue to secure. Carefully attach the head of the deer to the body using hot glue to secure. Let everything cool.

**Side note, in the picture the tail is missing, but in the video I make the necessary adjustments.**

Here is the video where you can watch all of this magic come to life.

Step by step video tutorial

If you watch the video I explain how I made the mason jar lid ornament too and a little heads up for the little folks in your life! I also give some suggestions on how else you can use your new little deer friends.

Wine Cork Deer Craft

Bottoms up!



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