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Painted Tile Floor: One Year Update

Not ready to replace my office tile flooring, I decided to paint and stencil the tile instead. But how did it hold up?

With all that has gone on, the past year has flown by. Honestly I’m thankful for social media “on this day” reminders, or else I wouldn’t even know it’s truly been a year since I painted and stenciled my office tile floor.

The biggest request when I first painted and stenciled my office tile floor, was to let people know how it held up.

Spoiler alert, the painted tile floor is AMAZING.

The only thing I did to give additional protection to the floor, was add clear plastic office mats under the office chairs. Common sense and the fact that I’m not light as a feather, told me the metal wheels and the painted floors would have fought it out. Not on my watch.

I also still love the design and the color choices. Benjamin Moor White Dove for the base and Owl Gray for the stencil. Which gives the floor a clean and subtle design. I chose the Cutting Edge Stencil Augusta design.

Cutting Edge Stencil in Augusta

What would I do differently

I added two coats of polycrylic and I may go ahead and add a third. Unlike polyurethane, polycrylic did not yellow the floors. I had a recent experience where one of the dogs had an accident and while cleaning saw that part of the paint was lifting off the corner of one of the tiles. Other than that, I wouldn’t change anything else.

Speaking of dogs… and kids…

My doors to my office stay open pretty much all the time. The dogs are rough and tumble-y and have yet to scratch the painted tile flooring. The kids have done a lot of projects, things have been dropped, and the painted tile floors have survived it all.

Future plans

Since the painted tile floor is structurally sound, I am still not wanting to do anything to change the flooring any time soon. I will have to do some additional touch ups near the threshold. When we had luxury vinyl flooring installed in the house, the new piece of threshold is smaller exposing some of the old grout. If I close one of the doors, you can’t see it, but it still needs to be addressed.

Because painting the tile floor was such a success, I actually have plans to paint our laundry room floor too. Let me know if you have plans on painting your own tile floor, I would love to see the finished project.


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